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    [A] A State of Trance - 10M - Auchindoun - 8/16 aiming semi-hardcore international

    Hello there champs,

    We are a bunch of real life friends that formed a guild in Auchindoun and have been raiding for a couple of weeks now. We have started as a 10men guild but we had some people leaving due to real life issues and we are left with a raiding squad struggling to find a good 2-3-5 setup with switching specs etc. We are all old players from vanilla, have raided every single content in good guilds and that led us here.

    Recruiting: All, we are at a state that we accept all people and will switch and select the good players to form a good raid squad. If you think you are up to the challenge, no one has a spot guarantee, the best players will get the raid spot.

    Requirements: Raiding 3 days a week, Monday Wednesday and Thursday, from 19.30 server time to 23.30 server time.
    Having a working headset and a Teamspeak client.
    Mediocre to good understanding of the English language.
    Stable internet connection.
    The knowledge of one's own class and checking for theorycrafts, stat priorities, gemming etc.

    If you think you want to join us or just ask any question, feel free to contact Firat, Aranelein or Wulfricon in game.

    Thanks lads.

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    Bump for Ranged DPS mainly.

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