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    Quite big variations in dmg depending on bossfight


    so after clearing Mogu, HoF, and doing bosses in Terrace, I noticed that my Monk WW (ilvl 490) has quite important damage variations depending on boss fight. I know it's normal and it's mostly for every class, but our variations are quite big don't you thing? I can go from being top 2 in 10m raid to being fifth... fifth boss in HoF is quite annoying for monks, as if we get knocked back at the wrong moment, or transformed we can often lose our tiger stacks.. and we can barely ever do FoF correctly due to much movement.. Garalon is one stupid fight too for us, no "cleave", and no ability to fire off a good FoF... why give a class high mobility with roll and flying kick, if we have such a stupidly long channeled spell in our rotation..... dunno who thought this out but he's gotta be a dumb nut...

    Somehow my raid leader sometimes think I'm not 100% active when I'm only fifth in damage, and thinks about switching me out if I don't do more.. but CAN'T?? stupid high movement for a channeling melee...


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    Position in DMG meters in no indicator about your dmg or dmg variation.
    You might even have done the same dmg as on the boss before but drift down to rank5 sicne the actual boss is just perfect for 3 other classes that then overtake you.

    Comparisons, percentages etc. all this stuff doesnt help when you want to do a proper analysis of the situation. all that counts there are RAW numbers. You didnt provide any so we are left guessing.
    And no i will not write my option about something i guessed myself.

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