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    Newb SimCraft Question Alert

    It's about time I start using SimCraft to really perform better because I am lacking a bit at 489 ilvl and should definitely be pushing more than I currently am.

    That being said, I keep being told to Sim my character and use what it gives me to reforge and gem.

    I downloaded it, import my character, and set it to Helter Skelter with 25000 iterations. I choose to analyze my main stats which are int, sp, haste, mastery, and crit.

    My question is, do I need to remove all reforges on my character in game before doing this? I feel like it's not taking my reforges into account. How can I tell what to reforge and what not to through simcraft results? And then from my understanding, after you see your analyzed stat weight results, I'm supposed to just go type them into MrRobot or WoWReforge, optimize, and adjust my gems and reforges as it says to get as close to the Sim results possible?

    A brief walkthrough would be awesome if anyone had a link. The SimCraft documentation doesn't really get into this part of it.


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    This guide might help you out with the part of what to do with the results. http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...imulationCraft

    You don't need to change out of your current reforge to get the new one, it takes everything into account when doing the sim. Once you have processed the results into a new reforge you sim again, and check the results to see if they are better then before.

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    Thanks for the fast reply! I'll check it out.

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