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    Bot (persons) not smart, just stupid

    Today i was running a dungeon. In the group it was a bot. He had probably using a program in a group he had been in earlier. As you all know, same dungeon can have a different look , depend wich way the tank want to go. Today tank was going stright forward, the bot took the right side and pulled everyting at the same time tank pulled the middle mobbs. Ppl werent happy and told him to go with the group, no respond from him. After a while we understod the person was a bot, we were looking at his move , and it was really weird, he was like doing his own things , from the group he was in earlier and programed for. I think there is an easie solution on this problem. Every time you join , dungeons , BG.s and probably it will be in raids to soon. A square will pop up, and show you random numbers and letters , maybe five of them, you have one min to type this combiantion in the square , if you dont, you will be kicked out. And in the end of dungeons and BG.s , it will be the same again , type the new random combination , if you dont, you lose the honor or drop from were you are. Dont think this solution would be so hard to do for the game. Or the bots will ruin the game,and it isnt fairly for the player who is working really hard everyday for hours .

    Sorry for the grama , have a nice day all =)
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    I'm sure your gramma is a very nice person, never apologize for her!

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    Sounds like what happens in Random Events in runescape. A random little quiz that pops up every now and then and the bots solve it fine, this will have no effect on anything.

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