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    I need command block help


    I really want to know how this is done.



    It's obviously a command block that's outputting the text, but the yogs don't stand on a pressure plate and it doesn't seem to be a tripwire or anything that activates the piston. I was told that it might be something to do with 'radius' or 'range' but I have no idea how to do it. Apparently to do that you don't need any redstone either.

    Any help? Thank you.

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    I assume you have read the Minecraft wiki?? It has information on radius, etc. I've not played with command blocks at all yet, but I assume you would use a combination of the @a (all players) and the r/rm commands (radius, minimum radius) on a redstone clock?


    EDIT: After looking into this a little, I don't think you even need a redstone clock, seems it may just fire when someone is in range.
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