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    [Champion Idea] Shira, the Playful Wizard

    Flexible Magic (Passive)
    When Shira gains bonus movement speed (either % or flat amount) her abilty power is increased by the same amount for half the duration. Does not increase from multiple bonus movement speed effects and always benefits from the biggest one.

    Corner [Q]
    80 Mana 9/8/7/6/5 sec cooldown
    Summons 3 burning arrows in target area forming a triangle. The arrows will meet their tips after 0.5 sec. Each arrow deals a moderate amount of magic damage to enemies it passes through. Enemies hit by all 3 arrows are stunned for 1 sec.

    Toy [W]
    100 Mana 24/21/18/15/12 sec cooldown
    Cast on enemy: Shira teleports behind the target dealing a small amount of magic damage.
    Cast on ground: Shira flashes in target direction. Increased range when flashing through walls or cliffs.

    Trick [E]
    70 Mana 19/18/16/15/13 sec cooldown
    First Cast: Summons a copy of Shira to run in target direction.
    Second Cast: Transforms Shira into a minion for 5 sec. Activating this ability near a jungle camp will instead transform Shira into one of the monsters in it.

    Playtime's Over [R]
    100 Mana 86/72/58 sec cooldown
    Sends a ball of pure arcane magic in target direction dealing a moderate amount of magic damage and silencing the first enemy hit for 1 sec and slowing its movement speed by 40% for 3 sec.

    Quote Originally Posted by Features
    ●AP Carry
    Quote Originally Posted by Description
    Shira is a mage with huge potential. She has a flash, 2 decoy abilities and 2 CC abilities. Her Q is target AoE and R a skillshot compensating the CC added to the burst damage. Shira can work very well with a champion AD Carry Bot that has a movement speed boost such as Jayce or Ketaria. Shira's abilities have similiar AP scalings as Ahri so her passive is not much to be worried about. Her Q is supposed to do about 3/2 of Brand's W at the same level,rank and ability power when all 3 arrows hit.
    Quote Originally Posted by Recommended
    Pick Ghost and Teleport for Summoner Spells. Teleport combined with the Homeguard Boots upgrade coming in Season 3 can be a pretty powerful combo. Pick Cooldown Reduction boots if damage is all you need. Mercury's Threads can help you when trying to escape with E.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lore
    "You seek!" - Shira

    When Shira was still a young girl, she lived in a small village in the Kumungu forest. Her best friend's name was Ketaria. The young girls often used to wander in the forest seeking for new friends or playing games. During their teenage years there was an incident that completely changed the girls' fate. As they were playing hide and seek, a hooded man, a traveller most probably, appeared in front of them. At first he seemed friendly, but that thought vanished when the man grabbed Ketaria's hand and tied her to a tree. Shira began to panic. The man took her best friend as a hostage and told to go back to her village and tell Ketaria's parents that he is willing to trade their child for something of big value. She was unsure at first, but the man's roar was enough to scare her away. When Shira got far enough she stopped and laid on the moss beneat her. She started crying for Ketaria. Shira knew that Ketaria had no parents and nobody in the village would believe her. She decided to seek out a powerful wizard who was said to live deep into the Kumungu Jungle. She found him easily but that's when the hard part began. The wizard offered her to open her eyes to wild magic but the kind of training it required would take years for someone distinct from the nature. The young girl however was, in fact, very close to nature. In a mere day, Shira had mastered the basics. After 4 days of constant training she felt ready to face the thief, holding Ketaria as a hostage. The wizard explained he is too old for affairs of this kind but wished her good luck and gave her a farewell gift - a lucky charm. Shira came back to the place where she was playing with Ketaria at the time the incident occured. At first she could not see the exact same spot, but the loud shouting helped her find it. The man, who looked more like a demon now that his hood was off and his ugly face could be seen, had gone berserk. He had a wound on his right arm which seemed to have been made by something sharp and very, very hot. The next thing Shira noticed deeply worried her - Ketaria was missing. All she felt now was seething anger, waiting to be unleashed. The possibility of Ketaria having escaped didn't even come to her mind. The young wizard summoned three burning arrows cornering the berserking man. Waving her hand briefly, she forced the arrows to pierce him from all sides. The man shouted, Shira could not believe how much she had damage him with a single strike. The man used that opportunity and charged towards her. He striked with his axe damaging the girl's chest. Shira felt on the ground, shocked. The man was preparing for one final blow. As the axe was quickly shortening the distance between its edge and Shira's tiny body, she dissapeared. The man turned around. A massive ball of raw wild magic struck him. The pain he felt was unbearable, he could not even shout. Shira summoned another set of burning arrows. In the blink of an eye they had already pierced the man setting him aflame. Shira kneeled on the ground, relieved that it was all over. Ketaria. She had to find her. The young wizard returned to the village. She was told everything that had happened to Ketaria in the last few days and after recovering from the deep wound in her chest, she decided to follow her best friend's example and set off on a journey but her main purpose was to find Ketaria. The first date of her journey Shira spent thinking over the past few days. The hide and seek games she often had with Ketaria had had a huge impact on the battle with the man. Without those skills she would've never made it so far.

    Eventually Shira found Ketaria after two years of constant searching. She joined her and her husband in their war against what they considered evil. The fields of justice welcomed yet another hero and only time would tell what fate had the gods chosen for the now matured wizard.

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    Please stop overwhelming these forums with your Champion ideas. Soon there won't be a frontpage left.

    This feels the same as roleplaying a bit too seriously.

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    Hmm....What are the League of Legends forums for if not for League of Legends? I have only posted 4 champion ideas so far and only 2 of them are on front page. Idk whats your problem

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    The art you posted is Spellthief Lux

    Sounds incredibly weak and useless. She has 2 damage spells one of which is her Ult meaning she will do no damage what so ever and anny other mage will yust blow her away.

    The other 2 skills are used either to get close ( but why would she ever want to do that? to die faster? ) or to escape.
    So its someone wo does no damage but can run away well..

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    I love the champ ideas, but since you have so many it would be much more productive to just make a general thread for all your ideas and just update it when you have a new one. The other current ideas will stay open, but please make a general thread.

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