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    Monk tanks have 2 90% cooldowns for breaths, and can use diffuse magic for the breath + explosion (lasts 6 seconds) and take virtually no damage from it. I know the fight is on heroic but here is my WoL link for last week's kill, we went in this week on an off night with off specs and w/e and had some trouble (didn't even kill it >.>) is my character (I am in my tank gear) is a log, granted it's heroic, but i can't think of any difference exept the add explosion.... in which case it's actualy easier to deal with on normal mode.

    Make sure you get the adds out as they hit 25% hp.
    Have your brewmaster in the middle of the 3 adds and keg smash (if he can't manage all 3, just do 2).

    I'll go look over your log now to see what you got so I can set up a strat for you if you want.

    P.S. If you noticed I take a shit load more damage than our other tank, I solo tank the last phase.
    P.S.S. Apparently I added this post into the new one and while editing it it deleted itself. Do what other people in this thread said, also, your monk tank isn't using cool downs. (At least not in the 5:50 attempt) He also has a pretty bad shuffle up time. Not retyping what I said did.
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    havent read all the comments, sorry for being lazy but yeah currently lvling a new tank.

    Heres what i see is wrong : speaking from a monk tank who recently got first clear in MSV (elegon was the road block for a night/2)
    (looking at try 11 / longest attempt)

    Monk tank is doing absolute garbage dps, i end up spiking 120k at the start and stable 50k+ easily.
    Monk tank / maybe others, they shouldnt take dmg from annialation tbh
    Dk tank is using Coversion in tier, crap talent, eats RP too much, focus on using RP on rune strike for the tier of whatever he uses, Bloodtap/RC/RE = more death strikes.
    Unless im failing and ready WoL wrong, the monk tank used guard once, LOL
    Dk tank used Dancing rune weapon once, on a 5min+ attempt, if he knows how to play/use DRW properlly he can do insane damage/provide some self defense due to the parry it gives + can double disease (plague strike with the dmg reduction).

    Going to stop reading into WoL but try this,

    ADD, not sure how you're doing it but i had 3 ranged + warrior on it.

    eat,buff etc, ready check, dbm pull 10 command
    Pre pot on 3, even tanks with str/agil pots.
    Monk tanks boss first, runs in, (put statue down) get his tiger palm buff asap, + guard, get out his Xuen tiger, and start whacking away while keeping shuffle up and such, easy 100k dps.
    Dk picks add up, using NO COOLDOWNS.
    Add casts anniliation, monk use diffuse magic (no dmg taken from magic), other monks use zen meditate, they take no damage, dk tank should be topped and use no cd.
    Dk and monk tank swap places, dk tank gets bone shield before he starts tanking (dmg buff/dmg taken)dk tank uses dancing rune weapon, outbreak (double disease), deathstrike spam, when Death strike is on CD use empowered rune weapon, death strike spam, then continue, why? DRW will make his dps insane + he should get a nice bloodshield.
    Monk tank who is taking add picks it up, he'll take a beating with the overcharged stacks... but lots of vengance = add die fast. take add to side of barrier/zone, at 30% move add out, when hes doing zen meditation, monk runs where ranged are stacked, use avert harm + zen meditate = no dmg,monks use diffuse magic this time (non tank monks), dk tank uses AMS for no anniliation dmg. dps nuke boss = orb wave... easy

    Try that see if it helps at all, its only the first few mins explained above, if your having trouble in the pillar phase, try and kill em all together / same time, it isnt needed but it really does reduce the dmg, also have monks spec into the leg sweep stun, after pillars are down, have the group stack by control panel bit, (watch the electric circle zones) and monk picks elegon up while dk is with the group dealing with adds. after dk picks the celestrial add up and repeat.
    Aim for 2 adds on frist P1, and 3 on 2nd... Again sorry if this information is irrelevent to your problem, just explaining mostly tank crap cause well, i'm a tank xD... glhf

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    Btw, you mentioned you are a mistweaver monk... Just advice for the final phase: Assuming your raid has stacked the debuff up on the boss 80% or higher all you need to do to heal through burn phase is: Drop jade serpent statue by melee group, you stand in ranged group. Be on the edge of the platform (but inside to get the damage done increase) and just spam the hell out of crackling jade lightning. (make sure you dip out occasionally to drop stacks) Enjoy blowing away the rest of the healers in raid. (Check my logs on wow heroes if you want to see a example of what you can do. Thalantýr US Alleria)

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    In the last phase(50-0), just stay at the melee camp without even dropping the stacks. As a mistweaver I dont have any problems healing that way, I juse Crushing Jade Wind and spam Spinng Crane Kick while holding renewing mist on cooldown and bumping chi with Uplift.

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    Thank you everyone else who left additional tips for me. You guys have been amazingly helpful. I will definitely mention the tank cooldowns/talent changes to them and look at my own as well.

    Glad to have a few other mistweavers poke their heads in here with tips too. I have generally avoided zen meditation because it hasn't been worthwhile for most fights so I pretty much completely forgot about it. :P

    Also to the person who replied about the warrior swapping to prot, the warrior is actually my husband so I'll have to talk to him about how his prot gear is. He's tanked on both warrior/pally over the past years and keeps up on correct reforges and all that most of the time even though I'm the forum crawler.

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