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    I'm bored to death and can't even motivate myself to do dailies or raids. I'm just zoning out even on progression encounters. It doesn't excite me, or challenge me at all.
    I used to feel like you too. But then i got these 2 babies

    Renamed my shaman to "Palpatine"
    Reforged to pure mastery
    Macro-ed my lightning bolt to yell "UNLIMITED POWAHHHHHH" when i cast

    Never been a dull day ever since then.
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    Even though I quit my Shaman for MoP and never looked back, it still is kind of sad to hear stuff like that. It's a shame he couldn't find another class he enjoyed, but if he is at that point I'd say it was for the best.

    Shaman has been suffering from one spec affecting another's performance, or PvP affecting PvE, or visa versa, for years now. One of the biggest disappointments of the beta for me was discovering that the "Shaman revamp" they were harping about at the announcement turned out be be a lot of half-assed hot air. I mean, I guess I expected it after Cata, but still, it was extra lame to have that confirmed partway through when they just kinda gave up. Even more irritating to me is despite the fact that my old spec Resto is in a very good place numbers wise, I seriously feel like the spec's mechanics and Glyphs and talents were all half-baked whenever I tried to play it, so I felt like it wasn't worth waiting to see if anything changes for the better for me.

    I still say that the best thing Blizzard ever did for Shamans was making rerolling for MoP easier than ever, but not everyone has another class they want to go to.
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    ele is still my favorite pve class mechanics wise. I swapped to lock for MoP because shaman are just so weak. I love the LvB proccing, Unleased lightining, FS/ES interplay, it's all good. Given that ele is weak in both PvE and PvP, why don't they just buff the hell out of base damage for ele and call it good? I don't get it really.

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    Yes it is legit that he is quiting , playing a broken class isn't fun, and please rogues stfu we're not talking about your shitty class getting your first nerf bat in 8 years in PvP.

    Ele is shit, any1 saying other whise is either a glad or an insane skilled player , because our dmg of ele shaman is good , thats not the issue here. The issue is , the deffence cooldowns and the surviveability we got. Seeing a warrior globals us in arena ( yes they do now with every1 i know...then take a pala for example what ever ) and then goes on our partner and be like rofl rofl rofl , were always first of target doesn't matter wich spec we are!

    i re rolled to enha week ago, and it goes alot better. I finaly got a chance on a 1v1 fight! or in 2s for my qonq cap! I can cast more then 2 spells and then die! but still i die way to fast, and with the nerfs inc for our heals ( as ele/enha) and he nerfs for totems, enha/ele are DEAD in PvP. I mean every1 said warriors are WAY to OP , even glads said it their self, AND if you look at the 3s ladder in what ever battle group, the only thing u see is : Resto shaman , Arms warrior and mages in almost every team,

    the other day i tried looking for a 2,2k + enha shaman to see how he specs and maybe i can improve my build, i had to go down to 2k before i even got a glimp on an enha shaman. The rest were all resto! why are we forced to go resto in pvp ?:S

    note! my shaman is my alt , i love this class since i started it in TBC as an alt and i never left it ever since!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mutigerguy20 View Post
    $105,000 - North America: "Bring It" - Mage Warlock Shaman
    $45,000 - Europe: "Yaspresents" - Mage Warrior Shaman
    $27,000 - Korea: "LG-IM" - Mage Warlock Shaman

    Those are the top teams from the recent arena tourney. I almost guarantee the Shaman are resto spec but I have a hard time understanding how people can complain about Shaman. Yes it may not be your favorite spec to play but that is just they way it is. Pvp and pve have always been easier with certain specs. I can understand that he wants to dps but when your class is by far the best pvp healers I have a hard time feeling sympathetic.
    so blizzard should make an WARNING on the creations creen when u make a shaman, IF YOU WANT TO PVP U GOT TO GO RESTO CUZ WE SUCKZ IN BALANZ GAMEZ FOR ELE/ENHAZ WE SOZ

    or what? caus your basicly saying : don't play what u like play what is best so go healer even thought you hate healing in pvp? thats compelte BS! for a pure DPS spec as hunter or rogue , it's difference because it's the 1 spec that performs out well, does it change your play style drasticly? no , it changes it a bit but not drastic, as shaman you either are ranged, or melee or a healer. i pref Range/Melee so i rolled enha, should i now say: " awh blizz sucks at balancing shaman why not roll healer caus i fucking hate healing but hee i wanne reach 2,6k rating with this char so i have to because i don't play this game for fun i play it for reaching every rank and achievment possible rofl rofl rofl rofl"

    the OPs brother and me don't enjoy healing ( what i get from his post) so why should we go resto again ?

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    Yea I quit WoW for over a year after they gutted feral druids at beginning of Cata. Such changes to core class mechanics should be done in beta, not in middle of pvp season.

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    Your brother is right to quit anything by whatever reason he fits the matter, its his life his choice he can become a transvestite stripper for all you care.

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