View Poll Results: How long from now do you see yourself playing WoW?

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  • Just until my game time expires.

    33 13.98%
  • Less than 3 months

    12 5.08%
  • 3-6 months

    9 3.81%
  • 6-9 months

    6 2.54%
  • 9-12 months

    15 6.36%
  • Until the bloody end.

    161 68.22%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zulathar View Post
    How long from now do you see yourself playing WoW? Just curious. Admittedly, while MOP is a great expansion, I am getting bored of the WoW 'formula'.

    What's your perspective?
    I'll be playing until one of the 3 happens, until its not fun anymore, they turn the servers off, or something more pressing takes my time.

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    Untill the end.
    Other games comes and goes, I haven´t been able to find a game to replace wow for me, even when wow has been on a "low" for me :P

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    I don't know, I like MoP when it came out and after a month I just think it's bleehhhh

    I want to play WoW, not some fucking asian theme with panda running all over the place, you know, I want to play the other WoW, not this WoW.

    I logged for about 10 minutes, making my scribe cool down and my farmville then log out and say fuck that and fuck daily's

    For sure, I wanna see the future patch or the future xpac,
    For the last week I find this game terribly boring even If I think Blizz did an okay job with MoP, I think they have listen to the community with this one but I'm not into this game anymore

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    As long as it's fun.

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    Need the most obvious answer: Already quit.

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    So anyone planning on staying more than a year is suddenly to the bloody end?

    I'll play until I can't because I'm too busy with work or family, or I get bored, whichever comes first. Who knows if it will be in 6 months or 6 years.
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    My sub ends on the 26th. MOP is a great expansion. I'm just burned out on WoW for the time being. I'm sure I'll be back in a few months. I always am.

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    Until the bloody end.. From the beginning to the very end, It's a personal goal for me :P
    Unless my friends quit ofcourse, And almost all of them has drifted away from WoW due to girlfriends,work,or just plain bored of it..

    And no you can't play wow and have either a girlfriend or a job, I don't know how I manage but it's certainly not possible according to them..

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    Untill the fun ends? >.>
    Doesn't matter whatever picture I post here, "Scrapbot" will allways infract me for it.

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    Til the end most likely, albeit super casually most likely. I'll probably un-sub for a couple months at a time as I get bored of what's current and come back. If all my friends quit I would likely quit as well.

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