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    siberia v2 headset questio

    if i buy this: http://shop.steelseries.com/en/audio...2-for-ps3.html

    what will i loose compared to use the normal siberia v2 and the mix amp from astro

    another question if i buy the normal siberia v2 and multi platform adapter from then i will get same results as buying the ps3 version of siberia right?

    i would prefer to buy the normal because it´s colors are more my style and then i could jut by the adapter separately

    so can i do this?

    and btw can you recommend the siberia v2, is it a good headset?

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    Had one, not worth 120 bucks tbh.
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    what headset will you then recommend for the ps3 and pc?

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    i have the pc version of this headset, i love it so far. only had it about a month tho, no problems yet.

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    i think i am going to buy the a 40 2013 edition

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