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    WildStar MMO-RPG Discussion

    So far I know very little about this game and I will like to share, and gain some knowledge about it..
    For those of you haven't heard about this game yet I:

    So what I know so far is that the game is going to have player housing, and a very interesting combat system for both monsters and player characters.

    Called Combat Telegraphs, which are the areas that will be effected on the battlefield by a spell, or move enemies or players use (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRncUenUZY4&feature=plcp) this area shows up as a red indication markers on the ground so you can avoid, interrupt or counter it. I'm not sure how this will work for the pvp aspect of the game, but I know there will be pvp. They said spells and abilities would interact during group play so that could be really fun a need some communication to work with/work around.

    There are three classes that I know of: Warrior, Spellslinger and something called an Asper. Each class, as it looks right now is connected to a race. A warrior would be Granok, a Spellslinger would be a huam, and a Asper would be a Aurin. No word yet if your class could be a different race.The game works of the holy trinity system tank/dps/healer!

    Spellslinger is a dps a caster using dual pistols...it looks very cool!
    A Warrior is a tank, I'm not sure if it could also fill the dps role...I wouldn't see why not. It looks like they can only use 2handed weapons and nothing else. But I'm not sure
    And A Asper is a healer/caster who doesn't appear to have a weapon

    The game has a interesting art style, a cartoony yet amazingly lit and colorful world...
    So given all that, there is something else, a path you can choose.. I'm not sure how it effects the game or your characters story. but here are the paths;


    Lets discuss...

    Side notes: You sprint by holding shift, Which path you choose gives you missions, Its a hot key MMO, You evade by double tapping S

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    Are the controls more like DC Universe Online? I'm not a fan of that style, and the sprint and jumping makes me think it is. Otherwise, looks pretty, but I'm not big on MMO's anymore. I only really took notice when it showed up at Gamescon almost a year ago, and the female in the trailer was voiced by Tara Strong.

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    We already have a thread on this game.

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    As Faklor pointed out, we already have a discussion thread for WildStar. Closing this.

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