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    Fortexorcist Help

    Hi I need some help with Fortxorcist, I just installed it today and have been trying to set it up for a while but I'm not making much progress. I would like my bars for DoT's on my target and buffs on myself look something like it does in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKJaQAl2c34
    Is this whole bar style and the borders etc. something that's only available if you have ElvUI aswell? Beacuse the theme looks a bit the same as ElvUI
    Also I cant find anywhere to configure the borders around the bars in the main options window, is that done inside the files or is there some additional plug-in?

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    i believe its part of elvUI, not possible to recreate within FX (or well not that i know of)

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    Oh is it? Beacuse I used ElvUI before but stopped to use it a while ago, do you know where I configure it within ElvUI?

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