It's been a while since I last bothered with putting any sort of subs in my vehicle and in that time, it appears that either I have forgotten how to make the proper conversions or everything just used to be 4 ohm and no real conversions were needed.

With that, I'm trying to get a little bit of extra going and am lost on how to match up speakers with the right amp. I'm currently looking at a pair of 10" subs that are 4 ohm 350 watt RMS. The amp I was looking at is a mono amp with RMS Power @ 4 Ohms: 700 Watts x 1. I assume the X 1 is that it will do 700 watts for one speaker correct? so 2 speakers will be 350 watts per? If I recall, putting the speakers parallel, they run @ 2 ohm and in series it will have an 8 ohm impedance thus making the amp not the right choice? or ummmm.. i dunno.. I don't understand why these simple numbers are confusing me so much but I just can not figure this out.

Anyone that could clear this up for me?

If I stick with the two 4 ohm 350 RMS speakers, what rms rating and at what ohm rating should i be looking for in an amp? If I stick with the mono amp as above with 4 ohm, 700 rms X 1, what set of speakers should I be looking for?

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