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    (n.) Slang
    A force of character, aggressive energy, determination, nerve, or skill.

    “We believe, when you've got Moxie, you need to show it”.

    Winners start here. You know what Moxie is, but what about Moxie Gaming?

    Well... take a scratch team of passionate young entrepreneurs, toss in some creative and artistic talent, mix it with the dream of creating a world class gaming community and wham! - you get Moxie Gaming. The Moxie Team is a focus group of driven professionals hell bent on redefining your gaming experience. As a team our mission is to revolutionize the way you play by networking players and providing dynamic cross-platform content to users in our community. Meet our team below!

    Dave J. (Triggerhappy) is no fan of compromise, and a total badass.
    Andrew G. (Endtimes) is about to get all up in your business and flip it on its proverbial head.
    Austen M. (Welp) is relentless... But in a “good for your personal growth” kind of way.
    Drew D. (Wizard) is about to digitalize your world, one pixel at a time. Zaappp!
    Drew B. (The Dude) No one really knows who he is or what he does...
    Liam (A Bearded Dragon) The company pet, and real brains behind our operation.

    Currently our focus is building communities, teams, and digital content within “World of Warcraft”. At this time we are engaged on Darkspear-US, Kel’Thuzad-US, and Stormrage-US. Our communities’ are capable of dominating on multiple fronts, respectively: digital content, player vs. player combat and player vs. environment action. We are adamant about member efficiency and constantly seek to develop and maintain a base of highly skilled players which promote synergy and deliver performance. Well we just defined Moxie Gaming, now ask yourself a question, do you “Got Moxie”?

    Join up. Get endorsed. Win.

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