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    Was sat for 2 raid lockout, they promised they would get me in.

    I've been raiding with a guild pretty much since MOP launched. Everything has gone pretty smoothly, they've treated me well and I pull my weight. However I recently started a new job that interferes with my raiding schedule some evenings and was unable to make the past two raid nights. I was over my boyfriend's doing LFR at the time, and was told by my GM the guild was going to be raiding tonight, even though we do not normally raid on Tuesday. However, he said the raid had already filled and asked me which boss I needed, and that he would get me in. I continued to do LFR until the guild downed a boss close to the one I needed.

    My boyfriend sighed at me because I left LFR which we didn't finish up to go to my other raid. When I got home I signed on and whispered my GM that I'm ready for whenever they need me. No reply. 40 minutes later 2 players I never saw the names of before got the achievement for the one boss I was suppose to be in for. The item I needed dropped and was given to the new recruit, who is the same spec and class as me. I feel like they grabbed him to gear up and get ready to replace me. They never got back to me at all through whispers, and continues to clear the next raid.

    I can't help but feel I'm no longer needed. Should I try to ask why they ignored me? Or is it time to pack my bags and look for a different guild?

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    Should ofcourse keep trying to get in touch with em, but that does sound like you're getting replaced, yeah.

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    Seems to me there getting ready to replace you if that's the case since leader ignored you and gave loot over you; So in this case I'd leave if I was you. However I do suggest confronting the person before doing so

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    Honestly, from a GM perspective you need the same core raiders each week. Part-time raiders don't work for anything other than a bench for fill ins for a serious progression oriented guild. It sucks that he either forgot or chose not to bring you in, but honestly, I'd be moving to replace you as well.

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    Yes, take the GM aside and ask him why.

    Better to get it over with now and if you find they indeed are replacing you, you can look for a new guild. Otherwise you'll just be sitting there next time they raid wondering if they're going to bring you or ignore you and just become more and more frustrated.

    It's worth figuring out what is going on now so you can find out if it was just a miscommunication or really is a problem.

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    Sounds like you are getting replaced, try to find a guild that raids on your free days may be. I find this exhausting so I just pug every week or join friends when they are missing a range dps.

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    Honestly, as bad as it sounds the GM is probably replacing you - I am currently the raid leader of my guild and one of our healers is starting split shifts and be unable to attend 2/3 raid nights on average per week - I have already told him that I will be replaced and only brought in if really needed once I find a suitable replacement (He totally understands this) I think it's wrong that your GM didn't talk to you about it but it's likely what is happening. When raid leading you have to make some tough decisions for the sake of overall progression and this is sadly one of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by madokbro View Post
    Sounds like you are getting replaced, try to find a guild that raids on your free days may be. I find this exhausting so I just pug every week or join friends when they are missing a range dps.
    Why schedule is very erratic. My friends are in a raiding guild ran by people I know personally, however they only need a tank. Pugs on my server only down the first boss in MV.. if they are lucky.
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    pack your stuff, and move to a guild whichs raiding schedule doesnt interfere with your other job.
    Otherwise there will be drama week after week.

    Nothing against you, but i can understand your officer/gm, people that cant take part in every raid are only a pain in the ass. Dont get me wrong i dont mean attend to every raid, but have the possibility to attend every raid. like it seem with your job at least one raid day a week is off.

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    if you're schedule is very erratic, chances are that if theyre trying to replace you, other guilds will not really be inclined if your goal is endgame heroics and the like.
    it might be a good idea to join the guilds your friends are in as a casual with raiding capabilities, i wouldnt rule this out personally, but thats totally up to you.

    I also would get a private conversation with the raidleader, preferably on voice chat since he appears to be ignoring your whispers, so he can't really ignore you, so you can get his point of view and stuff.

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    Sounds to me like you are over-reacting and stirring up the hyperbole in previous posters. So you messaged a person who was raiding and did not get a reply, and sat there, while they were raiding, waiting for a reply? Obviously if he was rude enough to ignore you after asking you to move location so that you can raid, and still picked people over you when he saw your message, then pull him aside and investigate.

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    It's very weird that he ignored your whispers. I think you should find a new guild no matter what, there's no excuse for that.

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    He 'would' get you in? or he 'would try' to get you in.

    As a raid lead of a semi casual guild I have used the second term frequently. Most of the time it is serious and I will ask the raiders if anyone would mind stepping out if they don't need a particular boss. But at other times it is a way to placate someone who I would rather not have in the raid.

    However whispers can by missed very easily in a raid setting. I miss them constantly. If your guild uses vent you should have gotten on and asked the question directly to the raid leader, he can't avoid it if there are people listening, and you would have gotten a straight answer.

    Lastly, if you were my raider. I would have expected you to tell me that you would be having a new job that interferes with our raid schedule. I would be frustrated that we geared you up and that now your gear is useless because you can't make raid nights. So yes I would be trying to find your replacement.

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    Find a guild that suits your (new) schedule. If you're playing to raid, and being benched, the guild isn't of much benefit to you.

    On the other hand, you said this was on an evening the group normally doesn't raid. Has it been business as usual on normal raid evenings?
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    If you've missed raid days and your new job means missing more in the future, then you're getting replaced. To be honest, I don't blame your GM. I'd do exactly the same.

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    Work your new job. Do LFR. Find a new more casual guild that will work better with your schedule and working career.

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    Welcome to the world of "if you have a life/job/child, we don't want you in our guild".

    Find a guild that isn't full of assholes because trust me, it only gets more stupid from here.

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    It's unfortunate the way your GM handled it but I would wait to see if it happens again. I would give him the benefit of the doubt that he either forgot or there was some kind of miscommunication. If it happens multiple times than you have a pattern which you can then decide on how you want to handle it.

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    As a raid leader (well operation leader technically), I can tell you that I don't always see all the whispers I get, let alone have time to reply to them all. He may have just not seen it.

    You only mentioned one lock out here, what was the second? While its possible you have been replaced, its also possible you are overreacting. I would ask your raid leader next time you see that they have a free minute.

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    You missed 2 raid nights. You have become unreliable but your job is more important than raids - you might miss a piece of shiniy loot but money to pay bills is far more important. Try to find a more casual raiding guild or LFR and accept raiding does not always match up with real life.

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