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    Requiem [H] 6/6MSV 3/6 HoF Recruting Ranged DPS

    Requiem is Semi Hardcore Guild on EU-Draenor, made up of a group of friends that have been raiding togther since ToC on EU-Kul Tiras at the highest standard that we were able to accomplish, while still having fun in the process. We have decided to come together again in MoP to start up a new 10 man raiding guild that is focused on progressing through all of the herioc content in MoP.

    The experience that are current raid team has varies from players who quit just after the release of Cataclysm, to players that have cleared 8/8 DS hc, for this reason we are only looking for players with decent current experience, or good previous experience.

    We are looking for more people to join us in our adventure of banging our heads against the legs of big bosses, we are currently looking for one of these classes to fill DPS spots in our raid team:

    Balance Druid
    Shadow Priest

    Currently, our raid days are as follows: ( All times are server time )

    Tuesday (19:00 - 23:00)
    Wednesday (19:00 - 23:00)
    Sunday (19:00 - 23:00)

    What we want from Applicants:
    We expect as close to 100% attendance from all applicants as possible, as we only raid 3 days a week , missing days is very bad for progress
    Good Knowledge of you class and your role in a raid environment
    Good Raid and Situational awareness
    We expect any applicant to have about the same raiding background as our members do
    We expect all applicants to have a good attitude to raiding and to be comfortable in a mature enviournment, people who dont like swearing or have no sense of humour will not last here very long

    What you can expect from us ?:
    Guild level 25 with All Heirlooms
    A solid raid spot in a close knit raid team
    Repairs, Flasks and Food provided
    A guild were everyone is treated as a friend
    A guild were we talk on mumble all of the time with an active guild chat

    If you interested in joining our raid team then please feel free to contact me ( Kórén) ingame on my Battletag: Koren#2573

    Thank you for reading

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    Bump, Taking in Ranged dps , would also consider a Melee

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