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    I use a comforter, sheets and a blanket.

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    Sheets a comforter and an afghan.
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    Just a comforter don't like the sheet.
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    my mom does

    but i wouldn't ever use one

    black sheets and a blanket that feels like it was made of teddy bear hides.
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    As someone already linked, comforters are what we term UK Quilts. Some people will also call them duvets. Quilts out here are more decorative (though depending on materials used could be used as a blanket), I know my mother enjoyed making them and hanging them around the house.

    For sleeping though, I use one sheet to separate the mattress from me and then a comforter if its a cooler climate (in CA atm, that is certainly not the case so I sleep on top of it),
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    Sheets and a comforter. I use a quilt during the winter if it's a particularly cold night.

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    well now that the terminogy has been cleared up, here in the US a quilt is kind of a heavy blanket w/out much stuffing. comforters are generally more fluffy & have more synthetic materials.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Majad View Post

    Don't you get pretty damn warm when you go to bed? XD I think I would toast with so many blankets.

    I only use one sheet, one blanket and one comforter, and even with that, I get pretty hot, sometimes.
    I do, but I sleep better when it's really hot. 6 is only during the middle of winter, where my room can get down to 40 degrees Fahrenheit.
    Quote Originally Posted by dupti View Post

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    I think I use it, people on here say a quilt is the same as a comforter...if so then most Americans I know use it. On my bed there is the thing that hugs the mattress (forgot its name), a sheet, the colorful thing (comforter)...are you telling me some people only sleep with just a sheet, literally never seen that. Then I have blankets I put at the end of bed for cold nights.

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    Quote Originally Posted by orissa View Post
    Sheets and a comforter. I had a quilt once. An afghan too, and no, not a person from Afghanistan lying on my bed, a type of blanket.
    I don't know why I laughed so hard at that last part.

    All I use is are afghans. I have four different ones that I switch between once in a while.

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    Just a comforter. I don't like sheets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Digglett View Post
    Just a comforter. I don't like sheets.
    Just a single comforter, no blankets?
    Quote Originally Posted by dupti View Post

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    I sleep naked.. In the snow... With nothing. ABSOLUTELY... NOTHING!!!

    OT : 1 comforter all year long, if its too hot in the summer, I use 1 thin sheet and nothing else.

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    Hardly ever. My grandma sews so we have a few, but they aren't used that much.

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    Sheets that cover the mattress, 1 sheet over that, (where you sleep under) and then a comforter on top, which is heavy. If its cold in the winter I will use extra blankets.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Decagon View Post
    Just a single comforter, no blankets?
    Well, it's kind of a comforter and blanket mixed.

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    I have a quilt on my bed right now. :S
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    I actually don't cover up at all. Don't like the feeling. If I get chilly, I just use pajama pants.
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    Quote Originally Posted by strombae View Post
    in all american films these days or tv shows you look at any bed and they have no quilts only "sheets" (like duvet sheets but without the duvet)

    im from the uk and sleeping without a duvet/quilt is practically unheard of is this the norm in america is a question i have thought about for many a year haha

    thanks for helping me solve this enigma inside of a riddle inside of a question.
    Of course we do. We just call them blankets.
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    Yes I use a handmade quilt from my grandmother.

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