No Hope for Humanity is primarily a 10 man raiding guild. We have a strong history of clearing Heroic raid content. Some of our achievements as a guild have been Heroic Sinestra, Heroic Firelands including H Ragnaros and of course Heroic Dragon Soul.
We consider ourselves a fairly casual raiding guild with a relaxed Ventrilo atmosphere. We encourage group collaboration in strategy on fights with personal ownership of any mistakes that are made so the raid as a whole can learn from them.

Our raid times are as follows:
8:30 pm server time till 11:30 pm, on Wednesday, Sunday and Monday.

If you think you can meet these times on a CONSISTENT basis then you will be considered for a raid spot after an interview from one of our officers.
We also accept low level characters and fresh 90’s with consideration to raid when they meet the minimum requirements.
If you are interested in raiding with us then please message Häppyending, Lovulongtime or myself in game.

Thank you and good luck.