General Information
Asgarths Vanguard is a level 25 guild that likes to enjoy every aspect of the game. We raid casually, some people enjoy PVP and Arena, and we hold a number of guild social events. We are a very old guild, formed back in Dark Age of Camelot, and still have some of the original members. In WoW, AV was formed in November 2004, right at the beginning. AV is presently one of the oldest guilds on the server (8 years old in a couple days), which means we won't disband in a week like some guilds.

Right now we are particularly looking for new members for full- and part-time raiding to further our progression. We are presently 4/6 in MSV, largely due to difficulty in filling our 10 man raid consistently. Not everybody in AV likes to raid, but those that do take pride in giving it their best. WoL and videos of our guild-first kills can be found on www DOT asgarthsvanguard DOT com to provide an idea of our type of raiding.

Raiding Specifics:
In Cataclysm AV had two 10 man raids that cleared DS normal and started progressing in heroics. Lately, interest in raiding has died down somewhat, which is why we are trying to recruit a few more people. We presently run one 10 man raid 1-3 times a week, mainly depending on people's availabilities.

10 Mans: 4/6 MSV 0/6 HoF. We are presently working on Elegon and pretty much 1 shot the first 4 bosses in MSV now, even when pugging one or two people. We are aware that this is by no means a great feat.

Raiding times:
Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday - 9:00 PM to 11:30 PM server time
The above days are "planned" days, but lately we only seem to be raiding one or two of those days.

Our raiding needs right now are as follows:
DPS (1-2+):
Class is not a big factor, we rather have people play what they like and play it well. We presently have no rogues or warlocks, so they might be good additions.

Tanking (1):
We could use an offtank that actually wants to tank, and that is willing to dps as offspec. Preference here would be a plate tank but it isn't required.

Healing (0-1):
We tend to have enough healers, but it never hurts to have people with good healing and dps offspecs.

You can fill out an application at www DOT asgarthsvanguard DOT com or if you wish to know more information you can reach an officer online and we will do our best to help you out. Note that even if you aren't interested in raiding, please feel free to apply.

AV Officers: Melizzy (GM), Reeboot and Ninja (Recruitment), Still (Raiding), Glaman (Social Convener)
Note: Mannoroth Server