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    Wind lord 25M Normal.

    So, my guild is progressing on Wind lord 25m normal, and it seems like we're lacking dps (At least I think we'd reach enrage timer, We're wiping on 30 ish% due to failure of the windbombs,but I'm afraid that even if we'd survive we wouldn't make enrage.)

    Here are our logs from todays attempt
    Anyone has some clues as to what we're doing wrong? Or how we might improve our dps?
    (Those aren't logs from all our attempts, by the end of the raid, I had done 1.01 billion damage, our tank 1.04 and the one placing third did 778 million)
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    Well it looks like everyone is AoEing as hard as possible... It's probably something wrong with your strat. If you're running low on DPS, don't feel like you need to CC 4 adds just because you can. The only required CC is one of the Blademasters, and with your number of melee you could easily have 2 of the Menders up. My guild only CCs 1 Mender and 1 Blademaster so that we can AoE for even more, which trims a good 45 seconds to a minute off the fight. As long as people can dispel Quickening off the blademasters and the boss, it should be very easy to handle.

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    The biggest thing that will lower your DPS is having more than one amber-trapper up. Traps and resin are not fun for your damage.

    Our strategy has been having 2 menders up, with interrupts and dispels assigned, three blademasters up with power word shields and paladin sacs on kor'thik strikes and one trapper up with single target DPS focusing on it so the adds die at roughly the same time.

    Also if you're stacking in phase 2 for healing, you might not want to do that, big DPS loss.

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    We cc 2 x amber trappers, to have low number of prisons, then target 1 amber trapper for melee swings while aoeing rest. All strikes are covered by Hand of Protection.

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    We had our first kill yesterday so about the same progression as you are atm. WE cced 1 of each http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/9...?s=6315&e=6798. Our kill had 2,8 Mil raiddps and we killed it when he enraged while you are at 2,5 Mil raiddps so about ~10% short. Try to kill the adds at the same time for maximum aoe and tell your dps to push it, tanks as well although that largely depends on how much vengeance they get. On our kill I tanked all or most of the adds so lots of vengeance.

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    Some feedback from our first kill 2 weeks ago (8:06s)
    - we CC'ed 1 blade, 1 trapper, and 2 healers, but other combinations might be better.
    - phase 1 lasted for 3:30, but aiming for about 30 seconds shorter is far better
    - phase 1 dps was about 2.5M, while phase 2 dps was 2.8M
    - only 1 tank, as it was a great dps increase, with the tank doing 2x the second dps
    - using 6 healer : 2 disc 1 pal 1 sham 1 drood 1 monk

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