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    Anyone else having touble with their Google Accounts?

    Howdy All,

    I'm curently at work and we are having trouble accessing any google accounts, in that the service is fading in and out. One min, gmail is working, the next it's not. Youtube and Google search are not working at all. Keeps coming up with a connection error page though I am able to enter every other website that is not assciated with Google. =/

    Now normally i'd google a problem like this but alas you see my problem...

    Both my offices in Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand are experiancing the issue.

    Two questions.

    1) is this problem localised to my location?
    2) is there any possible solution or recognition of this problem?

    This is literally the only website that i am able to access to post information on and hopefully find a solution. As i have written this message it has come on and off about 3 times.
    I could be wrong but I doubt it

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    Same here, I think they just had a little hiccup.

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    I’m in Taxas, but I’ve not faced this problem yet… Thank God

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