Hello all!

I am starting to stream again now that I have a new laptop that can handle it and not esplowde.

My background: I have been in top 50 US guilds since Burning Crusade, I do a lot of pvp but no I am no gladiator by any means. However I am not terribad. I am putting my stream up so I can gather a little bit of followers just for funsies sakes.

I do raid, my guild is 6/6 MSV 1/6 HoF 0/4 ToES I will be streaming these.

THe purpous of this is for your casual regular player to experience what raiding may be like on their level, and how they should be performing at their level. Again, it's for fun. Not for purpouses of being "OMG AMAZING LOLOLOOL" Trolls will be banned

I will be streaming mostly any time I am online, so you might find me xmogging (soloing old content mostly) or doing pvp or raiding. Feel free to jump by and chat with me!

Thank you and enjoy!