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    "men don't use manuals" -TTL

    the razor blade method is the best, but its very tricky, and only works with certain heatsinks, but feel free to tell me the several dozen times i've done this and seen the results compared the pea method are wrong
    Razor blade method the best? Do you actually know that the HSP is like 5 times orsomething bigger than the HSP? The main core of heat comes from that die size.

    Using less is always better.

    The Pea method fills more gaps than the spread method.

    A guy who made an analysis -> and in his description ->

    But I have to agree a little bit with you..

    My first time using AS5 I used the pea method in combination with the intel stock cooler and had an immediately shut down after 10secs booting because it overheated.

    I took the stock cooler off and it didnt spread properly. Just like 5mm² only. AS5 spreads harder than any other TIM.

    @ OP I really recommend you to use a thermal pad or either Noctua nt-h1 (tube).

    With a thermal pad you can't do much wrong. With a noctua nt-h1 you can't either do anything wrong.

    Also, benchmarks of TIM are irrelevant though. Who cares if the AS5 performs 1° better than nt-h1.

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    Just put one strip down the middle, that's what the guy at Ncix does.... he knows his stuff.

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