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I believe most bots have an automatic message that you can even edit yourself to whatever you want, and will also give out all sorts of warning sounds whenever someone whispers to you. Believe it or not but a lot of people who bot are actually sitting by their computer by the time, or are just next to it, reading a book, watching TV, a move or series, or perhaps even playing another game.

How do I know this? Several people in my former class back in school used to bot, they loved to brag about how great it was... Funnily enough I reported them and they were actually banned a couple of days later, that doesn't seem to happen anymore sadly... This was back in early Wrath.
Yeah the only thing left to do is for Blizzard to pay some GMs to go to bg after bg randomly banning botters, even if its just a few it might scare more and more people from botting.

Even if people might argue against me, ive seen this happen before. About 1% of the playerbase got banned randomly, and the cheaters decreased to the point that only a bunch of them left cheated.

TB lvl 90 inc, will it contain 95% botters? Then why should i play this game? I play arena to cap points and i hate rated BGs, all i want to do is to do some normal pvp and these bots are infesting everything while Blizzard are killing world pvp in 5.1 with all the buffs daily questers gets.

Maybe i should look at GW2 instead for such pvp..