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    [PvP-WW] Malevolent Gladiator's Gavel

    Not sure if you guys have notice. T1 Malevolent Gladiator's Gavel is One hand instead of Mainhand, however T2 is Main-hand. Which begs the question. Will using a T1 Gavel on Offhand be better off than using a T1 Agi on Offhand?

    As far as I can tell. The 1.2k extra PvP power outranks the Agi that is provided. Offhand suffers DPS penalty so the actual Weapon DPS loss on Offhand is only 650 DPS. Spellpower does not increase damage for Chi Wave/Crackle Lightning/Healing Sphere but affects Expel Harm to some extend (Unconcluded).

    Weapon speed seems irrelevant to most monk skill. It might even be possible that using PvE Mainhand paired with T1 Gavel will yield better results than 2x T1 Agi weapon.

    Any Thoughts? I can only safely test this in 2 weeks (Not enough points). Haven't been PvP'ing much on my monk.

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    I don't think it will be better, you are free to do the maths though: http://www.disargeria.net/2012/08/14...es-weapon-dps/

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    Just to note. Difference of PvP Power is now 2.4k as of 5.1. Using an Agi + Caster PvP will net you a minimum increase of 9% PvP Power. Question is will the 9% increase in overall beat the lost of Offhand DPS, Agi under a minimum of 55% PvP Power? (Refering to 470 iLvl PvP weapons)

    The math I've done actually shows it quite close to each other. But since 5.1 changes of PvP power not affecting Healing Done, prospects of using this comp would be less attractive. I'm still testing if Spellpower affects Healing Sphere as Windwalker, if someone could provide me with a complete list of Coefficients that would be much appreciated. Especially those of Expel Harm, Chi Wave and Healing Sphere.

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