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    Shadow Questions

    1. If i put up a dot without any proccs and during the dot is on the mob i get proccs like DMF trinket or any on use trinket gets off cd or whatnot. If i reapply the dots then. That is a dps gain right? Or am i thinking wrong?
    2. Should i wait until the dot ran out to reapply the dot or shall i wait and reapply like 1-2 secs before it runs out?
    3. How is the best way to dps the adds on the elegon fight? the ones that comes in waves. Stars maybe they are called. Since i cant realy "burst" them down since that is required.
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    1. Only refresh SW:P, and only do it if there is no other higher priority spell available to cast. It's instant dmg and long duration compensate for the GCD loss. Vamp Touch dmg, scaling and even duration are all miserable, and it is only wort recasting if you get multiple procs at the same time. For example, DMC + Light of Cosmos + ToF. Even then it's quite situational and depends on if you have a higher prio spell available, which is pretty much every spell except MF.

    2. Start recasting VT on ~1.5s remaining. SWP is instant so refresh it at the same second that it's going to expire at. Exception to this rule is when you know you will have MB coming off CD at the same time you would have to refresh either. Then you may refresh them sooner.

    3. Mind Spike spam is the only way here. If you really want to burst them, you can save orbs for a DP on it. But you are really better off with using those on the boss, and only supporting your raid with a cascade on the adds, and double death on one of them, while other people should be focused on bursting them down single target, because we Shadow Priests are just not the class for that task, as we're pretty much the only class in the game that doesn't have a DPS CD.

    There's also an amazing Elegon SP guide written by my guildie Ariadne, which i strongly recommend!
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