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    Lightbulb Bring back Blackout!

    If you don't remember blackout was a BC talent for shadow priest that rng stuned people when you did damage. It was 10% chance to proc a 3 second stun. Now clearly that would be far to high now as haste and mastery give us more ticks. However if the talent was a 5-10% chance to proc a 2-3 second stun with a 15-20s ICD it might be balanced. The ICD would most likey be nessarcy to prevent too much haste/mastery scaling along with rng chain stuns. The talent (which would probably replace mind control) would compete with psyfiend. This would give priest more options than simply psyfiend every arena match. Keep in mind the stun would dr with any other stun, so teams like god comp prob would not run it as they risk dr on deep freeze. Given the right tuning on ICD proc chance and stun time it could be a balanced talent and a nice alternitive to psyfiend.

    There would also have to be a healer version of the talent. TBH I have not idea what it would be, but prehaps it could be a 5% chance to reset the cd of cleanse after a dricet heal. 20s ICD.

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    Yes. This is what the game needs! More ways to disable people and more randomness. Especially those Shadow Priests.

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    It doesn't add to our cc when we have to drop psyfiend to get it.

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    Blizzard doesn't like RNG stuns, shown by how they removed random Mace stuns, and are also removing the stun from Rain of Fire from Warlocks.

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    I would really like to see blackout back, at least for PvE. Add it back as a glyph or for shadow specialization for PvE-Only would be cool without affecting PvP, because random-stuns are bad.

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    yay! Let's bring back mace stun too!

    RNG stuns to everybody!

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    Pretty sure the glyph for MB will give you a RNG stun...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Damerflinn View Post
    Pretty sure the glyph for MB will give you a RNG stun...
    RNG root, and no one uses that glyph

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    I'm pretty sure you're the only person here that actually wants an RNG stun back in the game. I'm sure as anything I wouldn't want it or any of the other past RNG stuns back.
    Vereesa formerly of Paragon and Depraved

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    bring back warrior mace spec, bring back skillherald, bring back the old windfury totem, everyone can cheer!

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    Please no, RNG stuns are bad, DR or no DR. Yuck.

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