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    Question Death Knight Focus Minion Macro

    I have been searching for hours and have not found any way to do this and the macros i have found, don't work. i've even searched these forums and no answer either, so i'm wondering if this can even be done, but im going to ask anyway.

    i play a dk and what i am looking for is a macro that focuses my minion when cast. the name of my cast minion spell is "Raise Dead" and the name of my minion is "Risen Ally"; the minion name never changes. thx in advance.

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    Are you playing Unholy or blood/Frost? Whether it is a pet or a minion makes a small difference when making an efficient macro.

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    That's unfortunate. As far as I know there is nothing that lets you specifically target guardians (pets that aren't really pets like the unspecced ghoul). The best you can do is something like this:

    /cast Raise Dead
    /focus Risen Ally

    Because it picks the closest entity of Risen Ally it will almost always be yours as it will have been cast right beside you however in some rare cases you might end up focusing someone else's ghoul. This can be alleviated to a small extent by adding conditions ([nodead] or [help] to eliminate dead or enemy ghouls from being candidates but ultimately there is still no guarantee).

    If you're ever playing UH however the @pet modifier can be used.

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    that didnt work either. it casts the spell but doesnt put my minion on focus. i did some researching around about the focus command and seems it only recognizes nonspecific targets like "pet", "target" or "player" like you mentioned earlier. it seems that since minions aren't one of the commands that works with focus, i have to actually target it first and then focus it. so i experimented around a little with it and got it do what i wanted granted it costs me 3 presses of the button but i can spam it in the time span of a global so its not like i'm going to miss any dps behind it.

    /cast Raise Dead
    /target Risen Ally

    it costs me 3 presses because when Raise Dead is cast, my minion isn't targetable for a second so i have to press it once to cast, a second press to target minion and a 3rd to focus my minion and target my previous target; which it can do both of those a the same time. it seems to work so far tho.

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    If the info on Wowprogramming.com is correct, non-unholy DK ghouls are actually counted as totems, so you could try something like
    /focus [@totem1]

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