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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackeyecycle View Post
    Anyone else feel like rshamans are about to get bent over?
    I think that would be welcomed warmly by anyone that doesn't play as or with a Resto Shaman. Sick of versing those gods for all of Cata.

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    Quote Originally Posted by saltyharbls View Post
    Resto Shaman
    Holy Paladin
    Resto Druid
    Disc Priest/Monks
    I'd say Rdruids+Monks (requires highest skill cap of the healers) share 2nd place with paladin if skilled.

    Quote from tyrannica:

    resto druids only #2?
    But they have so many powerful anti focus abilities(a vanish, symbosis eisblock, etc) and quite a lot of serious cc.

    Yes they have all kind of tools to get away from enemy, but after them druid is very weak... Without hots+cds on, you die within shock wave if enemy gets switch on you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dorfie View Post
    I think that would be welcomed warmly by anyone that doesn't play as or with a Resto Shaman. Sick of versing those gods for all of Cata.
    Amen. Their time is limited.. I hope

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    Here is my look at the state of healers. (This is from the viewpoint of a resto shaman playing in 3v3)

    I believe shaman to be the most defensive healer, we have allot of CD that counter large burst very well. If a team is built around doing massive dmg in a short period of time then having nothing left shaman well excel seeing as how this is the popular tactic at this time shaman will be higher represented and deemed op even tho other teams are playing into the shamans strength.

    we do heal while controlled better then other healers if i can spot incoming cc and properly line up totems i often wont have to blow a trinket

    however i feel the shortcomings of the shaman are shown while your team is on the offensive. Purge and wind shear are fantastic abilities but hex and stun totem have major issues i feel are often overlooked compared to the cc of other healers

    Hex-a sheep with a long cd, great if you can get someone in no mans land away from teammates while their trinket is down, otherwise its one dispell and my cc is gone would gladly trade that for cyclone or pally blind any day of the week

    stun totem, i love this thing its so much fun but totally un reliable in any offensive application, i can run up to a healer and drop my totem, healers got 5 secs to /giggle me and kick the 5hp totem in the teeth, ok glyph it that way it goes off faster, no still gets auto attacked ok got it ill talent for projection and glyph it that way i can time the charge up time as well as try to lead the movement of the player but also accounting for the fact that the totems does not land on the targeting marker and will barley touch anything in the targeting icon so i can stun a healer. Thats allot of work to use my hoj, could i just have that instead? or druid bash ide be happy to swap to gw to use it. give me those things and ide be happy to take a nerf to my ability to counter large burst.

    disc is garbage right now they need to be fixed, mist can be annoying but could probably use some loving as well. but as far is the difference between the other 3 i feel that to be more of a result of the state of the dps rather then that of the healers themselves. But thats just my 2c

    ~IMPORTANT~ Not saying all healers are balanced or that shaman couldnt use some tweaking, just that if they do reduce the ability to handle the burst dmg we will need a buff in other areas to stay competitive.
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