Just in case anyone has missed it, in December, an ITU conference will meet to discuss the future of the internet.

Many governments are opposed to the free and open nature of the internet (Freely sharing ideas and information? Fuck that!). They want to increase censorship and government regulation.

Among the things governments want to do is tax access to inbound content (and people) which means if you access this site from the UK or Sweden you'll face a charge (Or the site will get charged). They want to be able to censor content (Because sites like Wikileaks expose government malfeasance.)

Every company built in the last 15 years that's changed the way we live, work, do business and communicate was built on the free and open nature of the internet. Amazon, Google, Facebook, Netflix, Hulu, Wikipedia, Reddit, DeviantArt... the list goes on forever... was founded on the way the internet's been run. If we want people to continue to be able to change our lives for the better, we can't go allowing governments to do things like censor, tax and otherwise hinder the progress of the internet. It's been working just fine for over 20 years and done nothing but get better. There's no reason to change it now.

As it is you don't need a license to start a website. You can pay $5 for a domain name, upload some files and your website is there. No muss, no fuss, no government intervention. Do you want to risk that changing?