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    Here is your botting solution!

    so you've been running BGs and are getting frustrated with losing match after match as your side seems to have loads of bots. well, there is a solution that we've been using for months in publicvent.

    it's called oQueue.

    1. download & install oQueue (unzip, restart wow, type /oq)
    2. hit the 'find mesh' button on the find-premade
    3. join or create a premade
    4. queue up and enjoy the BGs again

    oQueue implements a social mesh network which enables premade information to pass around to everyone connected to the mesh. once you receive the information, you can wait-list for the premade directly with the premade organizer

    i haven't put it on curse... yet. for now, it's on my site as i update it a few times a week with various requests from users. there is a zip file and a self-extractor (targeting c:\program files(x86)\world of warcraft\interface\addons). if your wow is in a different folder, you'll need to 'browse' to the addons folder manually.

    if you have any questions, find me in vent (my nick is 'tiny')

    oQueue: solidice.com/oqueue
    vent: wow.publicvent.org : 4135

    enjoy !


    Works well fantastic addon and no more bots!

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    I feel like pointing out the escalating problem with bots is in part due to the fact that people dont bother reporting them.

    I was in a BG the other day and said "look, _____ is botting, you can tell because he is running into the starting gates, dismounting, running to the side and back, remounting, and running forward into the closed gate over and over"

    I reported him but obviously nobody else did because he didnt get enough reports to get removed from the battleground. Bots are a problem, but apathy and idiocy from the playerbase doesn't help.

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    Oh and tangent rant aside, brilliant idea can't wait to try it out

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