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    Question How do I know my support ticket was created successfully?

    I opened a support ticket a few days ago, and I have no indication that it was created successfully. No dialog or prompt came up after hitting submit on the "Contact Customer Support" page, and I received no email. I can't ask on the official forums, because my SWTOR account is only on the free-to-play level at the moment (previous subscriber, if that makes any difference). Any help would be appreciated.

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    How'd you open a support ticket? Free players can't use the in-game support system. I think the only option for free players is directly calling BW.

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    I opened the ticket via swtor dot com (can't post links/url's since I'm a new user here). This was the page, and it auto-filled my account name into the first field since I was logged in, so I assumed this was the right place: swtor dot com/support/form

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    Well, I know they have a long wait time for ticket responses right now. If you don't mind waiting on the phone for (potentially) an hour or more, I'd give their support line a call.

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    Thanks, I'll probably end up doing that instead. Someone on Twitter said it would be in my Open Ticket History, but I don't see that option- most likely because I'm only on the F2P level at the moment. Much appreciated.

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    well i was in call for 3h in qu for the call support :/ soo i dont know

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