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    Now regarding the above. Recomend to read.

    Now based on these FBI studies around 41% of all reported rapes are proven to be false even before they reach the court. Now if you would add to this those disproven in court and a number that the police simply drops off their statistics due to a variety of reasons you would end up to a NEAR HALF OF ALL REPORTED RAPES TO BE FALSE.
    That figure was based on a polygraph test. A polygraph is basically a stress test, and you are asking rape victims about their rape. It's kind of hard to take a study like that seriously. I'd really like to see them ask the "proven true" victims to take the polygraph as a control, then this study might be more credible. I have to say, if you require polygraphs for someone reporting a rape, you can about guarantee that real rape victims reporting would plummet.

    An interesting point brought up by this study (that I've seen before) is that _80%_ of the false allegations involved a victim claiming she was raped but didn't really know the suspect. Compare to 75% of "proven" victims who knew their attacker. I think it's important to keep this in perspective, as the number of falsely accused are much lower than that figure would suggest.

    Regardless, this is a very important topic and we need more research here.

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    Valid on both points... but come on. A man spent 9 goddamn years in jail. That's not right, dude. It's just fucking not right at all. His career was halted for 9 years... chances are good he's stigmatized for life as a child-rapist
    More so the trauma he'd have to go through in jail, as it's pretty common for pedos and rapists to be 'targeted' by inmates that have their morals [ironically].
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