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    Healing normal Blade Lord HoF final phase

    Our first night there and we have not been able to get past the final phase yet. We have two shaman healers and a monk. We generally enter the phase with 6 stacks on the boss and riptide just doesn't get the job done. Was wondering if anyone has had a similar problem and how you managed to get past it?

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    rather bad setup sadly.... the shamans can pop a totem tho i wonder if the range on that totem is large enough to actually heal ppl before there out of range.
    also your monk can hot the raid up but seeing theres no enemie targets around chi wave is useless. aka he needs to glyph uplift and have the hots spread + extend there duration to have any kind of healing useable.

    do note that chi torpedo could be usefull if he can manage to use it between the tornadoes.
    and have the monk glyph for spinning crane kick so it doesn't slow him down. then have the raid move as 1 group so he can heal and run at the same time if he screws up on the hots.
    other then that remind your raid to use there personal Cd's aswell

    thinking about feint for rogues with the 30% less dmg taken talent.
    warlock Health stones are a godsent!
    not sure if the boss always spawns on the same side but let your monk have his teleport spirit ( + possibly glyph it ) so he can port to the boss midway the hall.
    mages can spec for ice barrier
    warlocks can try to have there group teleport portals setup in advance.

    theres a ton of options for dps to use there personal perks in this fight but here 2 more tips that really shine on this fight!

    1 the spot where the tornadoes spawn can be a bitch to pass.... basicly you have a 33% to fail and get dragged back again so save spells like blink shadowstep and roll for the last few yards.
    also the boss will switch sides at 10% hp. you can stop the dps at 11% and have a good protion of the raid ride the air currents to the left or right to get across asap!
    then the remaining healer and dps can nuke that last 1% and the boss will fly right at the raid making the last 10% allot easyer.

    sadlyi haven't tryed it on normal yet but on LFR he kept spawning at the same spot so my monk had a easy task getting to him with his teleport.
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    i assume u are talking about the boss wich at 20 % grabs u and makes u run through the hallway while dodging cyclones?

    We are 2 healing it due to enrage timer issues, and i make sure i have healing tide totem ready for the first run, after its expiration i pop a healing stream totem, and some riptides all the time. for the 2nd run i use ascandance +spiritwalkers grace and spam the people.
    Hybrids like owl / spriest can heal themselves, if u have a warlocke make use of the healthstones.
    But the most important thing is get there fast. druid runspeed increase, we have our druid giving symbiosis to a warrior tank, so we have it x2.
    My diszipline priest mate stacks his spiritshell on the raid before the first transition, and goes nuts on prayers before the 2nd, so everyone is full at transitions.

    Actually last week i onehealed after the first transition, as the priest didnt make it through the cyclones, wich resulted in a nice wol ranking for me, and in the 2nd transition 1 dead hunter on the floor.

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    Thanks for the tips I'll bring all this information to raid with me tomorrow. is 6 stacks of his buff about right for just starting to learn the boss or should we try to drop a healer and head into the final phase with less stacks?

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    actually i never noticed any stacks on this buff , i thing its only a minor dmg increase on the passive ae dmg
    the only thing i noticed is that he would become big, angry, red and oneshotting everyone at somewhere between 10 and 20 %, if we did with 3 heals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by incowillol View Post
    Our first night there and we have not been able to get past the final phase yet. We have two shaman healers and a monk. We generally enter the phase with 6 stacks on the boss and riptide just doesn't get the job done. Was wondering if anyone has had a similar problem and how you managed to get past it?
    Make sure your raid stops after being carried and gets topped off before starts running. if you just start running you'll die, and dead DPS do no dps. Also, have a paladin pop devo aura as you get taken to the side. Helps a LOT if you have a druid with stampeding roar or lots of personal move speed increases, etc.

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    Take totemic projection. On the first run after everyones been topped, asc + SWG and spam heals. Drop a HTT early. When most people have ran past it, move it further down so people are still in range. Then at the other side when the boss is at 11.5%, have your 2 tanks stay and dps and everyone else run down the sides of the room to get carried to the other end very fast. Just as you arrive the boss should fly over.

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    We've been doing it with 2 shaman and a monk too, sometime a palli (who isn't quite good).

    Its quite simple, synchronize your healing tide totem, riptide raid, and you should have no problem. Have people save their defensive CD for when they have to run the second time and it should be cake. When you get there, pop healing rain and ascandance and you can top people before they get there. Also, try to keep spirit walker grace for the second run.

    Really, having 2 healing tide totem should just make this alot easier.

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    Have you're first shaman drop a HTT when you enter the phase asp, this ensures that everyone is topped and move it into the center for the run there if everyone uses Healthstones and personals it should be enough. The other shaman should use the HTT when he arrives on the first platform. On the way back shouldn't need any totems or CDs because you'll be using the slipstream to get to the other platform asp.

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    When we got this down what we did was pre shield (if you have disc) make sure people are topped before nados come in. Then essentially riptide someone and honestly spirit walk and ascendance worked quite well (we run quite close together) As well once stacks the healings a breeze on the platforms. If you don't glide over before he flys then use HT and place it farther after a bit with totemic projection.

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