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    If the PVP healing nerf goes live, how will feral be affected

    Title says it all

    I know boomkin will be destroyed by this change, but how much does feral rely on heals (not health-percent based)?
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    Not to be a douche, but it's "live". Not life.

    OT: Haven't seen too many ferals around, but the ones I've seen heals a lot. Instant big heals. Sure they rely on healing just like everyone ellse. Your question is a bit hard to answer though. If your question is if the ferals still will be viable, then the answer is yes.

    English isn't everyone's first (or second, third, or fourth) language.. I took the liberty of fixing the subject title. In the future, such a small typo can probably be ignored.
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    Only duels will be effected really. In arenas most of he instant casts will be used for cyclone/roots/hibernate. I dont see this change effecting pvp too much.

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