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    i played as a destruction warlock back during those days and the biggest trouble i had was against warriors and rogues. the guild i was in, and am still in now we just dont play WoW, had 2 of the servers first hwl and overall ended up having like 5 by the time BC was launched. we were a horde guild and the first two hwl's were a rogue and a shaman. the shaman i could actually defeat in duels fairly regularly so long as i got a couple of crits from a conflag and a lucky refear. the rogue i could only beat when my death coil was up as basically that was the only time i ever had any chance of getting some time to cast anything lol. the same goes for warriors.

    just about every other class i was fairly successful at, duels with paladins back then were rare but every once in awhile i would catch one running thru the FoS (not feat of strength) in AV and would get them to fight me. it almost always ended in either me getting some good fears off to keep my health up high enough to sustain the dmg from them during bubble, or not getting a good string of luck on fears.

    tldr - most of the time it was rogues/warriors who gave me the most trouble, casters were generally not threatening to me

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterOfInvocation View Post
    That's one boss the whole expansion where horde actually had it easier.. AND it was an optional boss with mediocre loot at the time..Even Ouro who was optional had better loot (tier token) :9
    Correct, horde had a huge advantage at this fight. But the funny thing is: The world 1st went to Death and Taxes, an alliance guild

    Pve-wise: Priests were the only real healers, so there were no competition. When it comes to dps highend-equipped fury wars and mages (rolling ignites) destroyed everything.
    pvp-wise: During classic a lot of classes had good and bad times. But overall the best pvp-class were (undead)-rogues. They were ridiculously overpowered with all ther control/cd's/damage.
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    This was in the era of the stunlock-kill.
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    A warrior with healing & buff support could literally plough through dozens of players.

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    PVP wise, if well geared, most OP were shockadins (holy/ret mind you 31/20). They were crap in PvE for sustained DPS but very good in PVP because they had good healing, 1.5 bubble and from BWL on out a lot of spellpower.

    The trick was to heart of hakkar trinket, (guaranteed) holy shock crit, stun, JOC (extra dmg or crit on stun, cant remember which), 2x white hit with hopefully SoC extra damage in there, then iron grenade for stun and again JoC followed by hit with SoC chance and hammer of GG (added in later patch). Except for the trinket they had this burst every 30 secs i believe. And the rest of the time they would just heal and bubble and cleanse, do whatever to survive. 1-on-1 they could beat everybody who couldn't heal even though it might be a little while before you would die . Anybody at 80% already would basically get stunlocked.

    There was even a 3 piece holy "set"(no bonus) that played into this spec. Also in the beginning the meteor trinket in AQ would get damage increase from spellpower which made that little rotation even worse.

    Some people think shockadin came in TBC but in vanilla they were probably best.

    Locks started really bad but were really good after their "review". However, they got countered by rogues who in turn got countered by plate wearers. Shamans were good at the start but WF got nerfed. And then there were the 3 minute mages. Hunters would always get the most kills in AV, annoying bastards would be in the back of the group chilling at the bottlenecks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Halaberiel View Post
    A warrior with healing & buff support could literally plough through dozens of players.

    Yes, Warriors with pocket healer were a raidboss pretty much haha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ange View Post


    Rogues >>>>> ALL.
    Watch "World of Roguecraft", 1v1 with no gear, win every time no luck needed (Yojacks-StunelockSpec + TTea + Blind )
    Watch "Mings Duelling Videos", Ming (worldofming) frapsed some of the best R14-Rogues vs ALL R14-Geared-Classes
    Watch "Burn..." Movies, from early Classic till Naxx T3 Gear, Rogue 1v5, 1v7 etc.

    Very bad mana efficiency, no dispersion, do shadow pet. YOU HAD TO BE UNDEAD -> DevoringPlague (Racial), WotF.

    Enhancement Shaman?
    Autoattack Windfury Procs. Pray for Damage? You really think it was OP back in classic to do "Rogue/Mage" like damage IF Windfury did proc?

    Don't kid yourself. Rogues could Stunelock Warriors to death. Mage/Hunter could kite Warriors to death. Blue geared Shadow-Priests could destroy R14-Warriors without any experience.

    If someone tell you othe than Rogue, I dont really think they played back then.

    I played a Rogue in Classic and had lots of fun. :-P
    You never ran against a skilled hunter then,I played vanilla and ate rogues for lunch,single guard flag room wsg easy.

    I regularly ran with a Rogue,warrior we would cue and crush wsgs all day long.

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    Quote Originally Posted by malbojia View Post
    You never ran against a skilled hunter then,I played vanilla and ate rogues for lunch,single guard flag room wsg easy.

    I regularly ran with a Rogue,warrior we would cue and crush wsgs all day long.
    Or a paladin. Heck, you could even make a porcupine set and go protadin, take rogues 3 at a time (force reactive disk + Blessing of ..... - forgot the name). Just hang out at lights hope and wait untill the rogues attacked you

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    I'd say Rogues were best class in PVP/PVE vanilla. It was the reason why I played it. Loved being so sneaky and stun locking anything but a pally and a mage that knew how to blink (those were quite rare). Also raiding with them was amazing because they were the only class with a threat dump. Everyone else had to watch their threat meter to make sure they didn't pass the OT or MT or they'd have to just sit there and wait til the tanks' threat passed them again.

    In PVP 2h enhance shammy were pretty freakin awesome. Arms warriors were pretty damn good too.

    My favorite Rogue video was this:

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    For what? pvp? or pve?
    ret/prot was horrible for pvp.

    rogues/warlocks/ehn shamans/arms warriors was all pritty good (at high gear levels).
    Mages/hunters/balance where about in the middle (mediocre to good)
    Feral/ret/prot/spriests where all rather bad, free kills.

    Healers where far weaker than they are now, they would go down in a 1v1 fairly easily if not protected.

    Gear mattered quite alot, and the gear gap between players was quite significant. This made it possible for almost any class to dominate.

    I played as an gnome arms warrior back then, managed to get rank 14 early on and eventually I picked up severance from naxx. I sadly never did get my hand on cthun's axe, (the bis wep, the 3 sec disorient proc on that weapon does not break on damage making it incredibly op + axe crit was the dominant spec for arms then).

    Kinda dominated,
    rogues could go either way for me; dependent on rng dodge and how geared he was. Ehn shamans I squished unless they got really really lucky with wf.
    For mages I had escape artist as a gnome, and warlocks I just hard countered.
    The damage was sic I hit like a truck dealing 50% of 4 average players hp in one whirlwind was not uncommon.
    Mobility could be a bitch tho (had to charge before entering combat, swap zerk for intercept) but you had stuff like living action pots for stuns and free action potions as your own bof.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Butler Log View Post
    3 minute mage, 2h enhancer shaman, rogues, MS warriors. Ret pallies were only OP if you let them gather Reckoning for 5 minutes, in which time you could have killed them 3-4 times.
    Prot paladins. Prot paladins had reconing. Ret paladins had noobs at the keyboard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Playintrafic View Post
    Prot paladins. Prot paladins had reconing. Ret paladins had noobs at the keyboard.
    Ret could spec into rec aswell if they dropped repentance it was i just looked it up .
    Then it would be like 0/25/26 if you wanted to get 5/5 rec, would also have to sacrifice some talents in 2hand spec or vengance then.
    Most ret paladins did go heavy into prot anyway to get imp hoj.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterOfInvocation View Post
    Shamans were shit in PvE though compared to Paladins.. Soo !
    Except that from the earliest days of vanilla through about half of TBC they could just one shot your ass no matter how much health you had. WTFPWNWINDFURY CRITS LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ettan View Post
    Ret could spec into reck aswell if they dropped crusader I think (something like that).
    Well, it was more like Prot could get the Seal of Command, and a mixed grab bag of ret talents.

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    At what level, pvp or pve, and what role?

    It really varied. Shaman were beasts in pvp as enhance, but often shoehorned into resto in pve (where they were mediocre but had mana tide), for example.
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    PvE: windfury arms Warriors, Hunters post Arcane Shot buff, Mages, and Paladins for the ridicolous amount of utility.

    PvP: Rogues, Hunters, good Warriors and Reckoning Paladins just for the lulz.

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