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    Smile ~ Desire Guild ~ Silvermoon Alliance Side ~ Recruiting ~

    ~~ Desire Guild ~~

    Due the unexpected leave of our beloved Paladin Healer we are looking to recruit a talented healer

    We are an established guild with a strong background, achieving strong heroic DS/Cata raid progress, pre-nerf's and are continuing on with our MoP raid progress. The majority of our core raiding team have been here for years and we are looking forward to completing and establishing our solid 10 man team after our hard loss. We raid every Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 8pm to 11pm server time.

    We are looking for someone with that special talent and the determination to succeed, along with the reliability to be here every week and go round our 3 day raid schedule with us.

    We are happy to consider talented applicants from any of the following class's:

    Paladin, Priest, Shaman and Monk

    If you believe you fit the role and are looking for a new home then please take the time to register and fill out our short application at:

    desire-eu.enjin dotcom /recruitment

    You can also add me to skpe: m3dseven if you have any questions at all about the guild. Regards
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    sunday morning bumb

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