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    Weak Auras - Can't delete group + Auras are gone

    Hey all - I need some help with Weak Auras

    I've been using it for WW monk, just to track 6 different things.

    Today I tried importing a string for Prot Paladin, and it kinda ruined everything.

    My monk auras are gone now + the prot pala stuff doesn't work and is giving errors when I log in.

    I can't delete the group in the screenshot, I have even tried to manually delete the addon and re-install, and it's still there.

    Question :

    How do I delete Weak Auras completely (including that 'Theck-Prot 2' group) so all auras etc. are gone, so I can try a clean install?

    Screenshot is taken just after manually deleting all weak auras folders and re-installing - but the group is still there:

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    Just go to World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\AccountName\SavedVariables and look for the files with WeakAuras in it's name and delete them. That is going to delete any changes you made to the addon. I don't think a clean install is needed.

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    Thanks man It worked.

    (Still my monk auras are gone, but I guess that's a thing for another thread/Day)

    Thanks for the help

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    Thanks mate, great profile!

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    If you are using the curse client, you can right-click an addon and select delete saved variables to achieve the same thing.
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