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    Team Exile 5 Enters League of Legends Scene

    Its finally time for us to publicly announce that Team Exile5 is picking up MiS Consulting's Legue of Legends' team and asking them to join our ranks. X5 has been in discussions with MiS and watching them perform to test their mettle but also to get to know their current sponsor MiS. We have been very impressed with the team, their attitudes and results and so we have offered them a home. With the incredible support RIOT is putting behind this game we are hoping that LoL is going to be one of the stand out titles for 2013. Its also exciting as this is our second MOBA team to join x5.

    "Im absolutely stoked to be bringing this team on board, especially after meeting them all and watching them perform at LAN. We believe the attitudes of the players is perfect and we hope to push them onto new heights and success.
    These guys are awesome, what can I say?
    Welcome aboard all!".
    Team Manager Fries

    "Everyone was overwhelmed when we were offered the opportunity to join forces with Exile5, our first encounter with Exile5 was amazing, not only are they elite performers across all titles, they are passionate gamers who likes to have fun! Most importantly they are like family, always willing to lend a helping hand when needed. MiS Consulting consists of veteran players with colourful gaming experience. Started off with a bunch of close friends which now has grown into a vibrant team of committed player well known within the LoL Community.

    We aim to become the best team in Aus/NZ and eventually compete at an international level representing Aus/NZ. 2013 will be a big year for Exile5 and we are thankful to be apart of their success. "
    Team Captain Takishi

    The current team roster is:

    Takishi (Captain/Manager) - Support
    Kakurock (Manager) - Sub Top Laner
    LittleBrontosaurus - Ad Carry
    chenyboy - Ad Carry
    Mr Stui - Ap Carry
    HamiltonMattress - Ap Carry
    Estonian - Jungler
    Skeez - Jungler
    wombalicious - Jungler
    Jakattack - Top Laner
    Pitsis21 - Top Laner
    Dansei - Support

    So please join all of us at Team Exile5 in welcoming this new division on board and stay tuned to Facebook and TwitchTV to follow their exploits and quest for glory.

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    Not that I care about an unknown team but... when did the add League of Legends into World of Warcraft? Must have missed this patch.

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    Spam much?


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    This thread will be short-lived.

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    Team Rocket ftw or what's it called, as my care level is hitting an all time low.

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    This is not the place for this type of thread.

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