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    Has a glyph every made you love / hate playing a spec?

    Wondering how common experiences similar to mine are.

    I'd been playing ranged dps classes for a long time and enjoying most of them... with 1 big exception: balance druid. I could play the spec fine but, for some reason, the Moonkin form really bothered me to the point where I wasn't having fun with it at all. At the beginning of MoP I'd read that Balance was the way to go for leveling, and dreaded it, but with Glyph of the Stars I was not longer distracted by the stupid owl on my screen and actually found the spec really enjoyable whether soloing or doing dungeons.

    Similarly I found Elemental 'okay' but always felt gimped when I had to move. Suddenly Glyph of Unleashed Lightning comes along and, again, the one irritating thing about the spec for me is removed and I love my ele shammy

    Has a glyph every made you love / hate playing a spec?

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    Hmmm... not exactly made me love the class more, but Glyph of Zen Flight is EXTREMELY practical. Not to mention the fact that you can mount up from zen flight form. And fish. And craft ;-)

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    Same. Not made me love my class more, but Glyph of Shadow means I can show of my transmogs and my mounts. :3

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    Glyph of Stars and Glyph of the Moonbeast have me excited about playing balance again too along with the one that allows cat form falling damage reduction in all forms.
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    For my warlock, definitely Glyph of Demon Hunting. Leveling was a breeze and I currently enjoy doing dailies as long as I can pull inordinate amounts of mobs.
    Minor glyphs are also incredible.

    Other max level tons I have just dont have the same amount of usefulness, I'm afraid. Thumb up for glyph of stars though.

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    I've thought this was awesome since they put it in the game.

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    Glyph of Demon Hunting made me pull out a long-retired warlock. Had an absolute blast with it.

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    Not sure about a glyph but macroing HF and Smite to hit target of target, plus macroing in Greater Focus to my heals made playing Disc fun. Don't know if I could play it without those macros.

    Glyph of Unchain Lightening really was awesome, but didn't really think about how restricted I was till it came along (it was awesome though).

    The new healing while in DPS form for Boomkins and Shadow is sweet (actually druid has a few I really like, stampede, lifebloom and that one that changes your colour every time you take on a cat or bear form).

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    Not sure I can ever play any alts because of zen flight.

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    Glyph of Stars made me WAY more willing to occasionally play boomkin on my druid, because I no longer have to look at a fat ugly laserchicken instead of the transmog set I worked so hard on. Sparkly worgen is sparkly!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arkenaw View Post
    Not sure I can ever play any alts because of zen flight.
    The Druid's curse has found a new form!
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