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    black screen

    I woke up this morning to my computer turned off. I switched it on, it made all that dandy fanning computer noise but my screen was stuck on black and the little light on it was orange.

    I tried unplugging the power cables, tried a different monitor, switching back to my old ram, switching around the ram, one ram stick, etc etc. I tried taking out my video card and reseating it back as well. There is a red light on my motherboard "VGA Led" and I can't figure out what that means.

    My motherboard
    Video Card

    Any help would be appreciated!!

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    PSU crash i guess or the Amps it gives by peak, is just not enough for the display adapter.
    dont get me wrong, it mightve been working months and even years but the longer PSU has to work,
    the weaker its stats get for the peak outputs also i'd try with a more powerful one before doing anything

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    Must... Resist... Urge...

    "Thank you for calling Dell Tech Support, how may I help you today?... Have you tried turning on your computer?"

    Anyway; Had this a few times, different things several times. RAM not slotted correctly, dirt in the PCI / RAM slots. PSU not plugged in correctly, CPU not placed correctly, BIoS (Hopefully not) is being screwy, etc, etc...

    Most time I've had these issues, is after a thorough cleaning by taking it a part piece-by-piece and air-blasting it sparkly clean, then putting it back together, and not plugging in something correctly, or at all.

    If you still have it, have you tried checking your Motherboards manual for any noticeable errors or indicator meanings? (MSI boards are detailed to all hell with information in about 32 languages.)

    Edit: Fucking FireFox auto-correction addon
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