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    My Review, Warriors need to be up to par PVP

    I like to compare the warrior class with other plate wearing melee classes, the death knight and paladin.
    Even though Warriors were good in patch 5.0, not for long in patch 5.1

    Avatar no longer immune to snares
    Gag order does not work on players anymore
    Intimidating shout is now 90 second cooldown
    Disarm will only last 8 seconds


    and yet paladins and death knights
    will still be on top with burst and healing, Favouritism Blizzard?
    Bring the them back to par with the warrior,
    The warrior only has 1 heal and they aren't very good compared the paladin and death knight
    (enraged Regeneration, Second wind or impending Victory)

    Retribution paladin
    3 heals, world of glory, flash of light and (Holy is Prism, Light's Hammer or Execution Sentence)
    is too much for them, all paladins do is kite,
    paladins use their speed and building up their holy power spamming word of glory toping up the paladin's health every time like unlimited Lay on hands, spamming their Burden of guilt or Repentance and sacred shield makes it a whole lot harder cant snare a paladin, hand of freedom and Emancipate, remember?
    spamming piercing howl is just a rage waster

    Did i forget to mention increase healing, holy avenger, a 2min cooldown and Avenging wrath a 3min cooldown, a total of 50% increased healing, you don't need to be a mathematician to know retribution paladins heal excess amount for a spec that is dps, too bad i wont have a good chance stopping heals when Gag order is taken out

    Now on to the death knight, once again they don't need 3 heals Lichborne, Death strike and
    (Death pact, Death Siphon or Conversion)
    Spamming Chains of ice and Death's advance or Chilblains is a very strong control, yet no nerfs there

    Personally i would love to see paladins nerf to the ground but we all know that wont happen in a million years
    "cough cough, "favouritism"
    so i suggest removing Word of glory and Emancipate from Retribution paladins they already got hand of Freedom
    Should make paladins wait that 25 second cooldown

    Remove Death strike from unholy and frost death knights, no one likes a spammer, death strike should only be Blood spec and make chains of ice a 10 Second cooldown

    And finally for the warrior, Improve the talents enraged Regeneration, Second wind and impending Victory,
    or add a secondary heal baseline
    and if blizzard really needs to nerf Gag order just make it A silence for 4 seconds but a 24 second cooldown
    but warriors really need control
    make piercing how cost no rage
    Reduce Recklessness to a 2min cooldown
    Taste for Blood(overpower has 50% to gain 1 stack up to maximum 3 stacks of Taste of Blood)<more consistant

    Show a little love to warriors try not nerf all time, make this class more exciting

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    You know warriors are extremely overpowered as they are now ?

    and Ret's self healing is getting nerfed ( pvp power no longer improves their healing )
    Gamers are too obsessed with the death of games. Imagine if all that energy was channeled into the LIFE of games.

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    Woohoo, and extra 5k heals with my instant FoL :| too strong yo

    OT: As we ret paladin would give my left ear for the execute and MS warriors have, you guys are still good, just not the best anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HungryHippo View Post
    Woohoo, and extra 5k heals with my instant FoL :| too strong yo

    OT: As we ret paladin would give my left ear for the execute and MS warriors have, you guys are still good, just not the best anymore.
    yeah il take your self heals, you can have the completely gutted "press for rage" healing debuff.

    Avatar should have had it's extra rage gen removed or not stack with banner. Instead they removed the one thing warriors wanted it for, Mobillity.
    Getting a cata vibe from patch notes, good for a few weeks, then spend the entire expansion being told DK / any class = +200 rating.

    Atleast we wont be alone in shit creek, we can share our Poo-canoe with the rogues.

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    We won't even be that bad, did you notice that in those 5.1 changes they did not even nerf a single bit of our damage besides removing 4-5 stacks of taste for blood?

    We still have shockwave AND you just have to time pummel again, warriors will still be very strong in pvp, we will just be more manageable when we burst.

    A warriors strength is the fact that we are EXTREMELY good against other melee, even in season 11 if a DK or ret paladin went toe to toe with me they could not do it for very long. Our weakness lies against vsing spell casters (with a couple exceptions), currently in 5.0 we just dont have many weaknesses which i find unfair, so im glad these changes for warriors are coming.

    Why you are complaining about DKs is beyond me, warriors absoloutly obliterate DKs and you know it, if you cant take on a DK you are doing something wrong (and for gods sake 1v1 does not matter), rets are fine, their self healing is nowhere near as bad as it was last season, and while their burst is scary its actually manageable as opposed to warrior burst.

    Quit your complaining, analyse the changes that are coming in the near future and adapt to them, we've had our fun being gods in pvp for this short time. But be realistic, popping some stupid macro and doing a should-be forbidden amount of damage WHILE possesing the arsenal of CC we have is just dissapointing, id much prefer to go back to what we were like in season 11.

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    Stop the qq train for just a moment, we are finally a force to be reckoned with and you still cry about minor things. What does this show blizzard? They make us gods for a couple weeks, but when the time to return to mortals comes we cry and cry, what makes you think we will ever get back to where we are if you treat it like they owe us it?
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