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    Quote Originally Posted by Maelle View Post
    Darthlëgølass you mean, one does not simply spell Legolas correctly when naming a character
    I did! But I also tried naming a character Rasputin, which wasn't allowed, probably because it contained "putin", so they might have a filter in place since I made that character.

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    my panda monk is going to be a mistweaver and is called sagiri, which is japanese not chinese though =p

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rastas View Post
    To this, Ilya is a slavic man's name. And quite a few slavic woman's names end with 'na' (Tatjana, Elena etc), so that has the vibe. Dunno 'bout 'ae', but otherwise.
    Let's read the first sentence of this article together:
    Ilya, Illya, Iliya, Ilja, Ilija, or Ilia is the Slavic form of the male Hebrew name Eliyahu (Elijah).

    You know, we have Voldemars around here, Timurs, Angelinas and others. This doesn't suddenly make those names "Russian" or even slavic-sounding. It is just borrowed names, but they don't have "Russian" sound to it. Does Michelle or Mireille sounds English to you? Still I bet you can find some people in USA or GB named so.

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    I went for Pandalicious on my female monk
    Dunno why lol

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    So much fuss about nothing. We all know you're gonna randomize your name, then add or take a letter.

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    Gaywin. It's Gay. It's Win. It's Gaywin!

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    Male panda monk called pijiu which is beer.
    Yes, I know the tones are not correct but marks on your name are generally annoying.

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    A friend of mine suggested that I name my panda monk "Bambooze", and while I find it humorous, I can't level a character with a silly name past level 10 or so. I ended up naming my monk Kaishen, which was somethin' pulled off the top of my head.

    Glad to see I'm not the only person that thinks 'russian' when they think of draenei. I named my space goat paladin Cossack. Had him since BC and that's the toon I first learned to tank on. I'm fond of the name. My DK is named Armengar after a city in a book, she's draenei too. Worgen warrior named Vargos, just thought that one fit warriors.

    Back on the topic of pandaren and/or monk names, I named my pandaren shaman Qingxi, since I didn't feel like lookin' somethin' up and having my first 15 choices already taken. Hopefully it doesn't mean anything bad, or imply anything bad. I'm guessing it means nothing at all, and barely has a pronunciation.

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    I would go with Kegstand

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