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    Warrior Pvp Proffs?

    Hey guys, I've been away for some time & I am back to mess around on my baby warrior. Can someone please point me in the right direction for his proffs? When I stopped playing, there were sets proffs that were much more oriented toward pvp.. is this still true? I didn't see an Arms guide sticky here, otherwise I would check there first. Thanks in advance

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    Help please I keep reading conflicting information!

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    Engineering is always a great PvP choice, and right now Blacksmithing would be amazing as well with the fact that you can socket 2 extra gems of pure Resil or PvP power

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    It's usually BS/JC for max stats but I haven't played at 90 in MoP and don't really know what new stuff the other professions have to offer . Also, for random Battlegrounds and World PvP Engineering is by far the most fun and can be really op, lol.

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