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Thread: Hard Core Realm

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    Not enough people would be into it for the resources that it would take to make it work. Like others have said, just do it on your own.
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    There was already the Ironman Challenge. I think that's good enough for anyone interested in a "hardcore" mode.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sackman View Post
    Eve does it, just have to have some kinda "save" points. Like an item that you can buy from a vendor that allows you to save some amount of stats and items.
    Even when your pod (i.e. your character) is killed, you can still play that same character, least the clone of it. EvE isn't "hardcore" mmo

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    Terrible idea.
    -No one would roll on a PvP server.
    -No one would raid unless they MASSIVELY outgeared the content
    -Everyone who did play on a PvP server would be either a Rogue or Feral Druid

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    What a waste of blizzs money. Where do people even get these ideas? And D3 is a single player game so that is why it has it. Its like hardcore mode on fallout NV.
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    Just delete your character, or trash all your gear when you die.

    Hardcore server achieved.

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    In another game, your character had 100 lives. So the occasional death to DCing or lag or even carelessness wasnt too major as long as it didnt happen a lot, but once you used up your 100th life, it was over, and your char was gone.

    It keeps things fresh and interesting by having people always changing and also adding a new layer of strategy and planning to things since there are real consequences for failure and carelessness.

    However, this kind of thing wouldn't work in WOW because WOW wasn't originally designed for this kind of system. In WOW, you're supposed to die a million times and death is only a minor deterrent. Well it isn't really a deterrent at all really, it's just kind of the way the game lets you know you failed what you tried.

    If you want something like this, you're better off getting it from another game, not trying to adapt a game like WOW to suit a system like this, it just wouldn't work. You would have to fundamentally change so many things that it would be more practical to make a new game altogether.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joycemiester View Post
    Seems like trolls are here, nothing much more than how it won't work, instead suggestions on how it could work would have been interesting.
    It's easy to pick at ideas, harder to modify and refine.
    Troll does not and has never meant "one who is critical of your ideas." The word you're looking for is "Naysayer."

    Also, to "modify and refine" involves "picking at ideas." You can't "refine" something without removing issues.


    Quote Originally Posted by Byniri View Post
    Terrible idea.
    -No one would roll on a PvP server.
    -No one would raid unless they MASSIVELY outgeared the content
    -Everyone who did play on a PvP server would be either a Rogue or Feral Druid
    This is pretty much the issue. No amount of skill will ever prevent you from being ganked if you're more than 5 levels below another character. Throw in the PVP server problem, or what makes them wonderlands of awesome joy for the more sadistic of us, a max level character can float above a level 10-15 area and kill each and every person from the other faction that lands at a flight path. Or shoot them from just out of guard range. Or fly in and auto-attack them to death with virtually no way for that character to avoid it.

    You bring this to a "one death and it's over" server and it will empty within days.
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