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    Error 16

    Is anyone else by chance having problems with Error 16. Where it says that your account has not been activated and you must go to a certain page to activate it. Although all it does is send me to my account page, which looks completely fine. I even tried to "Activate my account again" I've had this same account since July 2010, and now it is saying I need to activate it.

    I am also now a Free-to-play player, I was leveling a character just about 12 hours ago and now I have this issue. Has anyone else run into it, and by chance know a way to fix it.

    (I have tried to post in the main forums but once again it says my account is not active..)

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    Haha. I laugh because I just went through this a week ago, the exact same problem. And with absolutely zero help at all from SWTOR staff I was able to figure out how to get by this issue. There was one thread open related to this error over there, and a person came over and said he was able to play after basically just setting the email to a new one. You can't use the same email that you've been using. Just set it to a different one and it works. It worked for me.

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    I am able to log in and play normally on Free, Preferred, and Sub accounts. By "also now" I infer you are a Preferred account. If you still can't get in, send an email to [email protected] or call them - there is a wait but the people are helpful.

    Still experimenting...

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    I had this problem aswell because i had participated in the beta with my email, and when I sent the activation email I never recieved one. So I had to make a new email and It worked. I don't really like having things spread out on multiple emails, but whatevaH!

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    It's not listed on the Known Issues thread as yet, also haven't seen a dev post about it either =/

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    Totally correct. Same thing happened and after a simple email change, bingo - fixed!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arlee View Post
    It's not listed on the Known Issues thread as yet, also haven't seen a dev post about it either =/
    What a surprise....

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    K I've actually posted this a couple times... This is a copy/paste from what I have already posted.

    My friend got his account fixed from error 16 but we arn't exactly sure how it happened.

    What we did.

    - We went to
    - logged into his account
    - Clicked "My account"
    - On the side menu we went to "Redeem codes" or something like that
    - It then stopped us and said we needed to confirm his email.
    - using that page he added his email and pressed submit or confirm or something
    - He got the email in his email inbox moments later
    - This time when he clicked the link in the email it actually said it was successful!
    - He had to log out of the game and log back in a few moments later and he could play his character!

    Hopefully this will work for you too.

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    Yep, works for me.
    Get a new mail and use that to validate.
    Also error 16 have without fail happend to me after a char ding 16, is logged out and then trying to log back on.
    And i could still use my lvl 11 char on my F2P account. O.o

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