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    20 Cards or Inscription Staff?

    Hey fellas!

    Now that I have put together 20 Scrolls of Wisdom to make a staff, I'm undecided as to whether I should use them to actually make the caster staff for my upcoming Balance Druid or make some quick and easy gold with Darkmoon Cards.

    The way I see it, the staff is only 476 and chances are I will be in possession of a LFR item of equal or better itemization which makes it nothing more than bank fodder or Ten Scrolls. On top of that, I'm not sure of how much commitment I can place on an alt so it might just be best to sell cards to bring in more gold for odds and ends such as a DM: Yu'lon trinket which would last a fair amount of time if I were to play Balance on a more serious level.
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    I went for the staff, took me the 20 days, but the way I saw it for myself is that once my main outgears it I can use it on my alts (i have many casters hehe) Plus remember once you make the staff you get 10 scrolls of wisdom back straight away, so really your only using 10 scrolls

    But if you don't have many alts that could get use out of it, I could see that making cards and getting some gold out of them while they are still selling for decent prices may be more beneficial to you.

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