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    POST-BIOS questions

    So i updated my BIOS on an ASUS p8z68-v pro/gen3 (and everything is fine dont worry :P )

    Before i updated when i started my computer (POST) i would get the standard American Megatrends, then black screen with PCI/adapter loading stuff then Windows would boot (on SSD).

    Now (after BIOS update) instead of getting the American Megatrend screen i get a succession of Asus Motherboard Logo (says Hit DEL to enter BIOS), black screen, asus motherboard, black screen (pci adapter loading), asus motherboard then Windows loads. Now all this happens in pretty quick succession and it loads just as quickly as it did when i had the American Megatrends menu.

    My questions....is this hurtful in anyway? And by not having the American Megatrends screen i feel like i would miss any error you can get during a boot like the CPU fan error i got which prompted me to update BIOS.

    Anyway to get that screen (American megatrends) back?

    thanks for any input!

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    Just disable logo in BIOS options, if you wish.

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    It's normal that default BIOS setting is "show logo at startup". It doesn't hurt anything - if an error pops up, POST will halt on it and the logo will disappear.

    But if you prefer to watch how is your RAM being checked and stuff like that, just enter BIOS (hit DEL) and toggle the option to "show logo at startup". Not a big deal.

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