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    Gladiator Tabards

    Just wondering about the gladiator tabards requiring 2.3k + rating... why were they discontinued? They always looked awesome and allowed for some extra vanity at higher levels of arena. T2 change-in-color gear is cool and all but the tabard used to really top it off. It's upsetting that no alts can ever get the previously owned tabards. Please start making them again?

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    Also, http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...adiator+Tabard shows people really do miss it. :P
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    Tabards+Skrimish is what I want back.

    But I'd suggest you make this thread on their official forums, if you want your voice to be heard.
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    Blizzard seems to be systematically chopping their legs off when it comes to PvP.
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    certainly better than t2 weapons ... I'm all for transmog / aethetical changes instead of +stats

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    Tabards+Skrimish is what I want back.
    Yeah! I spamqueued like 5 hours of skirmishes this weekend on AT, so fun!

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    Not sure why they stopped making them in the first place tbh...

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