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    addons for ret pally?

    I just started trying out ret and was curious as to a good add-on for a better visualization of holy power and inquisition timer? Something so I can keep an eye on it better kind of like bad kitty for feral .

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    TellMeWhen works fine for tracking stuff like inquisition, trinket procs or alternatively you can use PowerAuras.

    As for holy power, I use KA holy power, pretty decent addon good to customize aswell;

    You can edit stuff in KAholypower to place the bar anywhere around your screen, at anysize and even make a sound when you get maximum holy power etc
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    I presently used blessed to track inq, selfless healer, cd's etc... You can place it anywhere on your screen, i have placed it under my health bar which makes for easy tracking in pve/pvp.

    Screenshot attached:

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    Nugcombobar or Holy trinity are nice for HP. Tellmewhen for tracking inq etc.

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    CLCret. It's literally the only mod you need to win as a ret.

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    there are quite a few addons which can help you out. Personally I like weak auras for keeping track of my Holy Power, Selfless healer stacks, inquisition and GoAK.

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    Lots of ways and all are based on personal style , though some people have it setup in optimum ways. My way surely isn't optimum but I'm used to it. I use Ice Hud's functionality to display a 5 combo bar to my right vertically. I don't track Inq but let clcinfo handle that with 2 seconds left to refresh. If you want a cool timer for it I recommend using Power Auras to set it up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zabyt View Post
    Nugcombobar or Holy trinity are nice for HP. Tellmewhen for tracking inq etc.
    Does holy trinity work with 5.05? That was an awesome addon.
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    I use Nug Combo Bar (for holy power, looks nice), Power Auras still for Inq/AW/Potion/Guardian duration/stacks. I really like Needtoknow, it's nice for trinkets, and it's pretty easy to setup compared to PowerAuras as well. Omnicc is good for tracking cooldowns on your action bars, for Avenging Wrath etc.
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    CLCret or CLCinfo

    The CLCs are quite helpful for the priority rotation.
    OmniCC will show exactly how much time is left on a CD
    I usually use NeedToKnow to keep track of Inquisition, as well as show me my trinket procs, and how much time is left on the ICD of the trinkets.

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    You can do a lot of things with weakauras or powerauras. I migrated over to weakauras for Mists and replicated to some extent my old setup. Some buttons overlap due to using same positions for different specs, items in same equipment slots or simply other classes.

    Picture Linky

    Inquisition Bar and Holy Power should be self-explanatory.
    Mid row from left to right: Holy Avenger/Divine Purpose if picked, Avenging Wrath, Guardian, Synapse Springs.
    Left row from bottom to top: Tier1 talent (Speed of Light, Long Arm of the Law, Pursuit of Justice), Weapon enchant (Dancing Steel, Jade Spirit, haven't done one to track any of the Windsong procs), and top one is reserved for specific instances of some buff - here it is still the Ti'tahk haste buff from Dragon Soul since nothing else has qualified since. Considering adding Skull Banner there.
    Right row from bottom to top: Lower slot trinket, with additional ICD aura that displays after it expires, same above but upper slot trinket. Above it cloak enchant for my tailor characters.

    For Sacred Shield tracking I opted to use Raven's specific buff groups instead where I merged two groups with the correct spell ID to only track the long duration buff portion of it rather than the absorb ticks. While at it the group also features Selfless Healer stacks and the Eternal Flame hot because why not. The tracker for these is located below Guardian and Synapse Springs. On the opposite side to the left, Divine Shield and Protection.

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